You'll be shocked by how long laura dern stayed at the golden globes

You’ll Be Shocked By How Long Laura Dern Stayed At The Golden Globes

Well, it was early! We all know that red carpet events are looking a bit different nowadays, but Laura Dern Just the biggest secret of all is revealed.

On Sunday, February 28, the Wedding story The actress wore all the dresses in a chic Givenchy suit for the 2021 Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. But apparently she was on the award show of only seven minutes (!!) before going home.

No, Dern did not make a French exit, but she explained the reason that she passed out soon after presenting Daniel Kaluia For Best Supporting Actor Award in Motion Picture Judah and the Black Messiah.

“So, I just went to the Golden Globe Awards. I was here all seven minutes, I think,” she shared in a video Twitter.

She said, “I feel honored to be here. I consider everyone’s safe way to honor such amazing art this year.” .

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