Yes, There Is Now a Washing Machine for Your AirPods

Cardlax earbuds washer
Cardlax / kickstarter

As long as one does not treat earwax, one thing will be right: your AirPods (or any other earbuds) are going to be disgusting, filthy dirt over time and you will need to clean them.

And while there are plenty of tried-and-tested ways to do this manually – we have a comprehensive AirPods, a cleaning guide right here – now a tool that promises to make the task a lot easier. Enter the Cardlax earbuds washer, a miniature washing machine made specifically for Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Currently promoted through a Kickstarter campaign, the small white washer is powered by a USB-C cable and includes a motorized cleaning brush, a small vial of cleaning solution, and a tumble dryer / polisher (the part that is Looks real) top-load washing machine to clean your AirPods sparkling).

How clean? As the campaign promises, “Cardlax is done with cleaning your earphones,” you will be surprised at how clean and hygienic they are. When you buy them for the first time they will look like that! “

And although ostensibly aimed at the white-plastic-earbud-buying population, the campaign’s founders say that Washer will also work with 99% of other true wireless earbuds.

I don’t know how well Cardlax actually performs this duty, but at least it’s not too expensive to find out. Initial backers of the expedition are being promised a cardlax for $ 33, a price that is up to around $ 39 as the early bird offering is nearly full.

It is also not entirely clear if Cardlax actually protects you from any time or effort. You still need to carefully clean the opening of the earbuds using the brush tool, which is 90% of the job. The fun part – popping the earbuds into the rotating sponge cavity and closing the lid – is possible with a cleaning cloth you can do at the same time.

The sponges inside the washer have to be replaced from time to time, which can be a problem if the founders don’t have an easy way to buy them on time.

Still, as someone who reviews the right wireless earbuds for a livelihood, I can personally see workplace hazards that are a dirty set of earbuds, and anything that works to clean them. Can make it easier, at least worth watching.

As with all crowdfunded campaigns, it is backer-beware. Do not assume that just because you throw money at the project that you will necessarily get the promised reward or it will be great as promised by the campaign.

Nevertheless, the campaign had already exceeded its stated target of $ 5,000, and at the time of this article there were 764 backers, with 57 days left before the project closed for new backers.

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