Yes, Bernie Sanders Was Behind Cynthia Nixon at the 2021 Golden Globes

“#GoldenGlobes Goes to Cynthia Nixon for Best Performance of a Bernie Sanders Cutout at an Award Show,” Someone Else Quipped.

Even Tahni’s sister commented on the bizarre moment. “I love @CynthiaNixon from the deepest place of my heart,” She wrote. “Also, seeing my sister @TahanieNYC and @BernieSanders made it even more amazing.”

Ahead of the awards show, Cynthia shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her glam session – and no, the memes were nowhere to be seen!

“My friend Tahanni Abushi (and a candidate for Manhattan District Attorney!) And I’m getting ready for # Goldenglobes2020,” she captioned her post. “(Which will be in our living room for us this year).”

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