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XWeather Forecast

If you’re looking to learn more about XWeather look up their page on About. Here you’ll find information that will help you understand the application, and also how to utilize it. You can also find the information within their FAQ. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact them using their form of contact. If you have privacy concerns, you may file a complaint here. Alternately, you can contact them via email. To do this, hit”Report Broken Link” or click the “Report broken link” option on the XWeather website.

xWeather forecast is an extremely interactive xoom application created after many months of study and development. It has a contemporary and professional style, great utilization of screen space and a user-friendly interface. It also comes with search and bookmark functions and other tools that can help you monitor the weather conditions within your local area. It also has an astronomy radar and moon phase that can be useful when planning your outdoor adventure. Additionally, it is compatible with it with the Apple Watch, which means that you will be able to access the most current weather information right on your smartphone.

xWeather forecast is an incredibly interactive application that runs on xoom. The app was developed in the course of months of research in order to understand how to make the experience more user-friendly. User interfaces are well-designed and offers a variety of useful tools for forecasting weather including bookmarks and search. The weather forecast also provides details on moon phases and radar. If you’re worried about the security of space and would like to know whether a specific area is likely to suffer hazardous storms, you’ll be in a position to obtain accurate information within a matter of seconds.

xWeather forecast utilizes the most modern technology to deliver accurate information about weather. Users can also download and save specific regions in the United States. It also has the option of customizing the display to suit your requirements and preferences. You can look up a specific area and search for details about the conditions of weather in it. Its bookmark and search features are as reliable like those of the officially licensed Doppler radar trackers, and it also provides many cross-curricular resources.

The app’s interface is designed to be simple to use. It’s an excellent tool to get information about the weather. It lets you observe the weather in various regions. Along with providing information about weather the app allows you to see the moon’s phase as well as radar. The xWeather team created the app to help travelers across the globe discover the best location for their next adventure. Apart from that, the app can be an extremely useful tool for anyone who is interested in the weather.

XWeather forecast provides users with an array of information about the weather, such as an active radar of the weather conditions in an area. Users can also follow weather events happening within their area using various options. The app gives users a wide range of options, such as the time as well as temperature. Its main goal is to display information about weather for mobile phones. For instance, users are able to see the radar for the specific area when they wish to view the weather for a specific region.

XWeather – Weather Forecast App Review

XWeather The XWeather Weather Forecast application is the fastest and most precise weather app for Android. It allows you to view the weather conditions of 10 cities in one glance. Additionally, it can be used with Traditional Chinese, which means that you can download it to your smartphone. The program is customizable and allows you to alter the wallpaper, the size of icons, as well as the style of your phone. You can also alter the weather according to the style you prefer.

The app features one of a kind feature that allows users to view the weather conditions at ten different locations simultaneously. It allows you to switch between seven different views with animated satellite pictures. It also shows the precipitation, humidity, pressure, and dew point. It is easy to change between different climate types simply by tapping an image, which makes it simple to decide if you’re safe to venture out or to stay inside.

Another thing that makes the app unique is the Radar Express – Weather Radar. It can provide the most up-to-date weather information for any city within the U.S., and gives you instant alerts for severe storms. Contrary to other apps for weather that load slow, this one is quickly and provides high-quality animations of the weather. Additionally, it functions similar to that of the original Doppler radar tracking devices, giving precise data in the most efficient way that is possible.

How to Use the XWeather App on Your iPhone

How to use xweather app

The XWeather application allows users to look up weather information for the current place of residence. The app displays the current weather conditions, predicted rainfall, UV index, and the speed of wind for a particular area. It also provides information about the weather over the next 9 days. Additionally, the app allows users to create a new address. In this way, the app can show the weather conditions for any airport or city in the world.

The Weather app is likely to be the default application on your iPhone however, you may install the latest version to enjoy the most current features. After installation, launch the app. Click on the three squares on high-up on the screen. This will switch you to air quality and Precipitation maps. You can browse through the 12-hour forecast by using the slider located at the lower left. Although the slider can be helpful to predict rain however it’s not an alternative for a real-time weather station.

To view more information about the weather You can click on the Help icon. You can also tap the Location Services feature to access the forecast for weather. When you tap on the help icon, you will be able to add or remove cities. After you’ve done this you can reorganize your list by moving the List icon or remove the entire list by tapping the red minus delete icon. If you’re looking to change the measurement units then tap on the “Menu” tab and choose an alternative country or region.


There is a PrivateKeys.cs file the Constants directory located at XWeather/XWeather/Constants that contains four const string keys.

Keys can be set in empty strings, which will allow the program to be able to build and run well, however it will display static “testing” weather information. To enable your live API to display weather data and utilize GPS apps on Android it is necessary to follow the steps below to acquire the correct API keys.

Weather Underground

XWeather receives weather data through the Weather Underground API. The static files with The iOS and Android app bundles that permit you to create and test the application using “test information”. To obtain live weather data or add additional locations etc. You’ll need to create a Weather Underground account and obtain an API key. A free “Developer” option is enough to run the application.

  • Join to create a new Weather Underground account (or sign in into an existing account)
  • Buy an API Key. Make sure you select the ANVIL PLAT since the app utilizes a variety of data in the plat.
  • Within PrivateKeys.cs set the value of WuApiKey to your Weather Underground API Key.

Google Maps API key (Android)

To make use of location services in the Android version of XWeather it is necessary to acquire an Google Maps API key.

  • Follow the step-by step guide to get an Google Maps API key.
  • Within PrivateKeys.cs set the value of GoogleMapsApiKey to your Weather Underground API Key.

Visual Studio Mobile Center (optional)

Mobile Center is the result of the merger that combines HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin Insights and a variety of brand new services, including automated builds. Mobile Center is a single application to handle every aspect that are part of continuous integration as well as deployment which includes test, build distribution, crash report as well as analytics.

The process of setting up Mobile Center is completely optional. If you’d like using it you can configure it by following the steps below. If you’d prefer to not bother with this step at present just leave the two app secret values the AppSecret in empty string form.

  • Register for a brand new Mobile Center account (or log in via GitHub, Microsoft, or an existing Mobile Center account)
  • Create a brand new app that works on the two platforms iOS and Android
  • Within PrivateKeys.cs set the two values of AppSecret your brand-new iOS as well as Android app’s App Secrets.

This application uses the Mobile Center to enable Continuous Integration as well as Continuous Deployment using the features offered by these “beacons”:


When someone commits a an update to the repo the Mobile Center’s build beacon creates it and distributes the latest version of the repo for iOS or Android:


The Test beacon of Mobile Center brings the potential from Xamarin Test Cloud to allow UI tests on actual devices into one single dashboard:


After a new version XWeather is successfully develops and meets the tests Mobile Center’s Distribute beacon will deploy the pre-release version to a select set of Beta testers.

Crash Reporting

The entire HockeyApp crash reporting features were integrated into the Crashes beacon of Mobile Center including real-time data and stack-traces of crashes that occur “in in the open”:


The app also uses its Analytics beacon to track and record data about the user base of the app and also custom events:

XWeather was designed by Colby Williams. Thank you Charlieyllobre for the fantastic (free) weather icons.


licensed to use under MIT License (MIT). Refer to the license for more details.

XWeather Pro Application


XWeather can be described as a weather application to your iPhone. It allows you to view the weather in your area. It provides current weather forecasted rain, UV index, and the speed of wind. It also provides an outlook for the coming nine days. If you’re traveling on business or leisure, xWeather is an invaluable companion. It is possible to add new cities and receive updates on the weather for these cities. If you’re a climate lover, you could make use of this app to track the weather conditions in different parts across the globe.

XWeather is a fantastic application for those who are always in motion. Its interface is easy to get access to weather information and it works well to Palm OS v5’s 1-hand navigation. The software is highly flexible, with simple-to-use options like changing wallpapers and changing the theme color. You can also switch between views and change between maps to check the current conditions in any particular city. The main menu lets users to get the most current weather forecasts.

XWeather app for Android

XWeather is the most efficient weather application for Android. It can keep you up-to-date in ten different cities. XWeather is compatible with Traditional Chinese and can be programmed to speak and read Traditional Chinese. It also features a customizable interface for weather that lets you select from a variety of different local profiles for weather. XWeather lets you modify the appearance and feel of the application. It also lets you to add widgets to your gallery.

XWeather is a quick user-friendly application for Android. Android platform. The interface is clear and user-friendly. You can easily alter the themes, wallpapers, and icons’ dimensions. Additionally, you can choose the temperature for any city across the world. No matter if you’re located situated in USA or China, xWeather can inform users what weather is likely to be like in the area.

XWeather is a speedy weather application for you Android device. It shows the current weather for 10 cities. It is compatible with Traditional Chinese and other languages. Also, it supports textnachrichten as well as xWeather will stop in the event that the weather isn’t appropriate for you. It is possible to use this app to send out alerts to your loved ones and friends. You can also utilize xWeather to check the temperature that is local to your region. If you live in an urban area, xWeather will provide you with the latest information on weather conditions.

Language settings

XWeather can be used with a variety of settings for languages that include Traditional Chinese, and English. This xWeather interface is easy to use and works with the one-hand navigation feature of the Palm OS v5. It is possible to set up the xWeather application for your iPhone using the correct settings for your locale’s weather. The addition of new languages and the ability to enable multi-language support is an excellent feature. If you’d like to see the radar for your local region, xWeather has this feature.

XWeather offers a simple interface, and it is compatible with Traditional Chinese language. It provides ten cities to an iPhone’s forecast of weather. Additionally, its Chinese translation is available. In addition to XWeather the app for weather can be customized. It is possible to alter the appearance of the app as well as change the background and font colors of the app according to your personal preferences. You can also change the theme and wallpaper of the program. You can also change the xWeather to give it a more personal touch.

XWeather app for iPhones

XWeather is a well-known weather application for iPhones. XWeather is the most efficient weather app for iPhones. It displays the weather conditions in 10 cities. It also allows for Traditional Chinese. If you’re looking to view your weather information on the other hand in Chinese, XWeather understands both languages and is extremely simple to use. It is also possible to customize it. You can also customize the xWeather software to meet your preferences. Apart from the customizable interface, xWeather has many other options, such as the possibility of switching between different perspectives.

Its xWeather interface is among the most user-friendly applications for iPhones. It’s easy to use and provides an array of information about the weather. In contrast to other weather apps It also speaks Traditional Chinese. The program is flexible. It allows you to change the wallpaper, change the size of icons and even change the theme. Based on the location you reside, XWeather can display the most pertinent weather information specific to your area.

XWeather has a range of functions and features. The app’s technology is advanced, allowing users to print and save particular areas of your nation, and print the result. It also provides cross-curricular resources that can aid you in learning about the conditions in your region. This xWeather interface is completely customizable, and users are able to save specific areas for to refer to later. The app can be customized according to your preferences. It is also possible to use the search and bookmark functions in xWeather.

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