1615229356 win 3 pairs of blue light–blocking glasses from baxter blue

Win 3 pairs of blue light–blocking glasses from Baxter Blue

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Win 3 pairs of blue light–blocking glasses from baxter blue

Between working on a computer, texting on our mobile devices, and watching movies and TV shows for entertainment, it’s no surprise that most of us spend a good part of our days staring at one screen or another Spends. It is estimated that most Americans spend 7.5 hours every day looking at a digital screen. In this way, it is also not surprising that many people have experienced eye strain as a result of prolonged exposure to digital light; More than 60% of Americans have experienced digital eye strain symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.

The cause of these diseases is the blue light emitted by our digital devices and the brightness of the screen. Artificial blue light can affect our sleep by disrupting our circadian rhythms and the natural release of melatonin (tells your brain and body that it is time to sleep and wake up). Baxter Blue has made it their mission to reduce eye strain and blue light exposure with their line of fashionable eyebrows. The brand also believes in social responsibility and therefore for every pair of spectacles that they sell, they Donate a pair of reading glasses Anyone in need and right now you can use promo code BaxterBlue15 To get 15% off your order.

Win a collection of Baxter Blue Glass

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Baxter Blue glasses are available in three options: Blue Light, Sleep and Sunglasses. Their blue light glasses, which feature clear lenses that filter out about 80% of high-energy blue light, can be worn throughout the day and are also available for reading glasses. They also 100% dazzle and eliminate UVA and UVB light. Of course, adults are not the only ones using digital devices. Our children spend equal time on their laptops and mobile devices. Fortunately, Baxter Blue also makes its Blue Light Glass in the shape of children.

Meanwhile, Baxter’s Sleep Glass is specifically designed to be worn after the sun sets. It is estimated that 80% of Americans use a digital device within two hours of going to bed, and these glasses filter out 450–500nm blue light wavelengths that affect the release of melatonin and affect your sleep . And like blue light glass, they eliminate glare and block UVA and UVB light. As you might guess, sunglasses also filter blue light, glare and UVA / UVB light, but have polarized lenses when you are out in the sun.

All three types of Baxter Blue Glass are available in an array of stylish frames and come with a free case and cleaning cloth. While Baxter offers free returns on all orders, you can try their specs on their website virtually. While a pair of Baxter Blue glasses is typically priced at $ 89 (with discounts available when you buy multiple pairs), the company is offering two full sets of three types of blue light-blocking glasses to two lucky winners . It is easy to enter – just click the button below!

Of course, only two people will win, but luckily everyone is a runner up: just use the code BaxterBlue15 To get 15% off your order. Whether you are already experiencing a digital eye strain or want to stop it before any symptoms occur, Baxter offers a stylish way to block the blue light.

Baxter Blue Glass Collection

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