Why harry styles' 2021 grammys speech was censored

Why Harry Styles’ 2021 Grammys Speech Was Censored

Harry Styles, Er, candor is what makes her beautiful.

Accepting her first Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar” during the 2021 Grammy Awards, the “Golden” British singer let the F-Bomb fly during her acceptance. speech.

As he congratulated the other nominees including Billy ellish, Dua lipa, Justin Biber, Taylor Swift And Doja catThe “Golden” artist, 27 years old, said, “I’m really grateful to be here. All of these songs are F-King in a big way, so thank you very much. I feel honored all around Thank you very much.

Of course, during the live show, the censors also led to a slight hesitation for viewers who had their own theories as to why they were bleed. One fan wrote, “I feel that the cut off part of @Harry_Styles is what I consider adorable for my body.”

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