Why cooks everywhere love ree drummond's kitchen line

Why Cooks Everywhere Love Ree Drummond’s Kitchen Line

We interviewed this celebrity because we think you’ll like his choice. Some of the products featured are from Celebrity’s own product line. I! There are affiliate relationships, so if you buy something through our link, we may get a commission. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!

There is no place like home for this Ri Drummond.

As The pioneer woman As blogger and Food Network star continue to share mouth-watering recipes and lifestyle tips with fans, many followers can’t help falling in love with Walmart’s affordable line of kitchen products.

“Plates, bowls, and dishes have always been a passion of mine (I don’t care for shoes and designer bags, just give me a set of salad plates!), And I’ve always loved a cabinet full of dinnerware! A little ‘ Gathered from years’ perspective, Ri explained to E! News. “I designed my line to have a bit of a flea market feel with vintage flowers and beautiful colors to match and match And all can be made into one collection. Cooking is also a passion of mine, so pouring. Along with the cookware and cooking equipment that I love to use, I had something dear to my heart. “

Today, Ri has expanded its line to include fashion, bedding, clothing and more. And as she saves more and more shopkeepers around the country using her items, she can’t help but feel grateful.

“It gives me great pleasure to see their products inside people’s homes!” She shared “To see that my dinnerware is part of their various family celebrations is very special to me — I can’t ask for more!”

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