Which Wednesday Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

So that’s it, you watched the series Wednesday on Netflix? Frankly, it looks good: we torch the series in one evening and we guess a little what will happen in advance but we get attached to the characters and each episode that ends, we want to see the rest . Depending on your personality, you may have identified with one character more than another, but we’ll tell you right away which character suits you the most according to your astro sign.

1. Aries = You are Wednesday / Wednesday

Like Wednesday, Aries are impulsive and very stubborn. When they have something in mind, no one can dissuade them and it’s sometimes a bit tricky. It’s good to be brave, reckless and all that bullshit but to question yourself from time to time is not bad too. But hey, the advantage for them is that Aries are often the main charactersin the series as in life.

Wednesday fish

2. Taurus = You are Eugene

Taurus is kind, loyal and reliable: just like good old Eugene. He’s the rather responsible good friend but who can go crazy for his friends, like venturing into the forest and ending up in a coma for the whole season. When Wednesday abandons him to go to the ball or when Enid hangs out with Ajax, we see that Eugene is also a bit possessive and that’s one of the Taurus’ faults.

Wednesday eugene

3. Gemini = You are Mrs. Thornhill

Gemini is an unloved sign of the zodiac and this top is not going to improve its image since the character that best suits it is that bitch from Thornhill. He is very sociable and wants to please everyone but never really shows his true face. Surprisingly (no), Gemini can be manipulative like the Thornhill who deceives everyone.

Christina ricci wednesday

4. Cancer = You are Xavier

Xavier is a sensitive and emphatic boy but also very melancholy. Reminds you of something? Yeah, those are the characteristics of Cancer. If you start painting gross monsters and dead people, ask yourself questions anyway; astrology does not replace a good shrink.

Wednesday xavier

5. Lion = You’re Morticia Addams

Even if we see her little, Morticia is the queen of the series and we feel that she was a real bad bitch when she was a student at Nervermore. Like the Lions, she is charismatic and shines in society but is deeply egocentric, which is what her devil of a daughter reproaches her for.

Wednesday morticia

6. Virgo = You are Mrs. Weems

When a Virgo takes on a project, they’re not going to let go until everything is absolutely perfect. Mrs. Weems, the principal of Nevermore, is an organized and perfectionist woman who is ready to do anything, even to die in a somewhat stupid way, to protect her school from dirty kids.

Wednesday weems

7. Libra = You are Thing / The Thing

Even though he hadn’t planned to submit to Wednesday at all at the start of the series, Thing has become a very loyal ally and will do anything to satisfy his goth teen. Like the Libras, he is always diplomatic and finds ways to please everyone; even if it seemed difficult to get the two roommates in the Ophelia room to agree.

Wednesday thing

8. Scorpio = You are Bianca

Scorpios are often mysterious and seductive people who attract people without even realizing it. Thanks to her mermaid nature and her leadership character, Bianca is the perfect Scorpio. As if that weren’t enough, she is also resentful and vindictive, two typical character traits of this sign.

Wednesday bianca

9. Sagittarius = You are Sherif Galpin

It is true that there, the connection is a little less obvious. Sheriff Galpin is far from being of an optimistic nature like Sagittarius but he has this awkward and touching side in his way of wanting to preserve his son who approaches the attributes of this sign. Well, it’s not cool for Sagittarius because, even if he’s not a real serial villain, he still let Xavier get locked up to let his son kill people quietly. Sorry Sagittarians.

Sheriff galpin

10. Capricorn = You are Tyler

At the start of the series, Tyler is a nice, mature boy with a bit of depression who has only one ambition: to get out of this shitty town full of boring people. At the end of the series, we learn that he is also a psychopath who likes to kill people in the form of a downright badly made beast. For the comparison with the Capricorns, we will be satisfied with the first version: mature, sensitive and ambitious people who often hide a very pessimistic side.

Wednesday tyler

11. Aquarius = You are Uncle Fester

According to Wednesday, Uncle Fester is the black sheep of the family because he’s the quietest and kindest. Compared to ordinary mortals, Fester is still completely perched. He likes improbable experiments, stupid creations and is always there to help the people he loves like Wednesday, his favorite. All these qualities reflect those of Aquarius and like them, Fester is also a bit capricious: he wants everything to go his way and refuses to bend to the rules.

Uncle fester wednesday

12. Pisces = You are Enid

Enid is probably the best character in the series Wednesday. She is adorable, altruistic, dreamy and super emphatic: a real Pisces. Like all Pisces, she can’t stand leaving an outcast alone and always believes in the goodness of people, which makes her a bit naïve and manipulative. Fortunately, she can easily defend herself with her manicured claws.

Enid wednesday

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