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When is My Phone Getting Android 12? It’ll be a while

The first Android 12 developer preview is here, with a glimpse of some new features that will eventually appear in the operating system, as it finally rolls out to everyone. Not too far to go now, but as time goes on we will get more features, and as Google releases a public beta version.

Of course, given the fact that the Android 12 release is completely steam ahead, you may be wondering when you can put your hands on it. answer? It depends – but generally, Google releases full versions of Android updates to the public by August, and even then, it’s only for Pixel and some companion phones. Here is everything we know.

Android 12 release schedule

Along with announcing the first Android 12 Developer Preview, Google also provided a release schedule for various milestones of operating system development – giving us a good look at what to expect.

When is my phone getting android 12 itll be a

First up are a few more developer previews, which prepare developers for the upcoming changes to Android, and allow them to update their app accordingly. Most changes to the developer preview are under the hood, so you should not expect too many visual changes. The second developer preview will be released in March, and the third in April, if all goes to plan.

Bates are ahead. The first Android 12 beta will be released in May, likely after an event by Google or an announcement of some sort. Android Bets are much more consumer-ready, and offer most of the new features that Google hopes to release for the first time in a truly public Android 12 launch build – including all the visual tweaks and updates you can get to a new operating Would expect from the system. After the first beta, Betas 2 and 3 will be released in June and July. The fourth beta will be released in August, marking the “platform stability” point where Google says there will be no significant changes after that.

Last but not least is the public release of Android 12. This will likely be in late August or early September.

Which phones will be available in Android 12?

Initially, Pixel 3 will get Android 12 with all Pixel devices and later some Android One partners. For Android 11, Sony, OnePlus, and Xiaomi all competed in the stakes, and as soon as it got its final release when it was available or much later. It is possible that something similar will happen this year as well, although nothing is official yet.

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After all, from last year all high-end phones and most midrange phones should get Android 12. But this may take some time. Finally, look at the Galaxy S20 series, which only got Android 11 starting in January, although Google finalized the OS in September. It is very common for flagship phones to receive the next two major software updates after being released by Google.

Can’t I download the beta?

Technically, if you have a compatible Pixel phone, you can release Android 12 to the public by downloading the developer preview or beta.

We do not recommend jumping into the developer preview unless you are doing so on a secondary device.

if you Really Want to get Android 12 early, at least wait until the last betas.

if you Really Want to get Android 12 early, at least wait until one of the Betas. Developer previews are often unstable, apps can crash, and with developer previews or even a beta, your phone just can’t function the way it should. And if you Really Not knowing what you are doing, the install process can cause problems with the phone.

If you still want to build further, you can see the Android 12 Developer Preview for yourself here. We will update this guide with more information as soon as Android 12 moves forward, and eventually rolls out to the public.

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