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When is Amazon Prime Day This Year? It Could Come Early.

When is amazon prime day this year it could come

Introduced in 2015 in honor of Amazon’s 20th anniversary, Prime Day has become an annual smorksbord on shopping with Black Friday. Notably accessible to Prime Members (but who doesn’t have Prime Membership these days?), It was initially held for only 24 hours, but due to its popularity, Amazon extended it to two days.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Unlike Black Friday, which is now a week-long event, still the same day each year, the exact date of Prime Day has not been set in stone. Although it was initially held on 15 July, it was on 12 July in 2016 and 11 July in 2017. In 2018, it was moved on 16 July to not clash with the World Cup final. It returned to its original date of 15 July in 2019 but was extended for two days, while in 2020, Amazon pushed back the event to 13 October and 14 October as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the additional amount of purchases this year was expected to be returned in July dates, Recode recently announced that sources have revealed that Prime Day 2021 may arrive very soon – in June!

Why did Amazon change Prime Day?

Although Amazon moved Prime Day to October in 2020 because of the logistic problems caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, it is less clear why they might move it this year. There is some speculation that this may be an attempt to boost second-quarter sales compared to previous year’s figures for the same quarter. June is in the second quarter, while the third quarter begins in July, and in 2020, Amazon’s second-quarter lockdown sparking increased 40% as a result. Other theories include that they must be tall before the event is held in Alabama by Amazon activists to vote.

What are the best prime day deals?

With Prime Day featuring hundreds of deals over a 48-hour period, you can find just about anything you want to sell – and often you have never seen it before it was cheaper! Of course, sometimes some deals are too good to be true, traders try to unload old stock, but as common are amazing offers that need to be snatched before they disappear. A sure bet is that you will find Amazon’s own products – Echo devices, Fire tablets, Kindles and Fire TV sticks – at the best prices of the year. Not to go further, other retailers may try to steal some of Amazon’s fire (with no purpose) with their own deals so that your eyesight remains on those dealers as well.

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