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What Is Telegram? How to Use the Encrypted Messaging App

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service, making the rounds as a popular option for those who want to keep their messages secure and ensure that their privacy is not endangered. Telegrams have a collection of different features, but are known for their ability to secure messages and media by encrypting them during transit; This easily prevents third party messaging on the message.

Let’s take a look at what Telegram can do and why you want to use it.

Are you looking for the best secure way to communicate with friends and family? Signal is another secure messaging app that places a strong emphasis on user privacy.

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Encryption and secret chat

Telegram’s stand out feature is its encryption scheme that protects messages and media in transit. The scheme is known as MTProto and is based on 256-bit AES encryption, RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The result of this complicated and technical sounding jargon? A messaging service that claims to keep your data secure.

Why do we say claims? When dealing with security, you always want to leave room for investigation, and some cryptography experts have criticized the system. Overall, no level of encryption is better than none, but the level of discretion should always be observed with any online connected system, even with Telegram. However, the company is very confident about its safety. So sure, they also organized a breakdown contest where people can win $ 300,000 for deciphering encrypted telegram messages. In addition, Telegram still welcomes security comments and presentations, and if those comments change, they may be eligible for a reward through the company’s bug bounty program.

One of the additional security features of the secret chat service is; This allows sending messages with client-to-client encryption. This setup means that unlike regular messages, these secret messages can only be accessed from devices that initiate and accept chat. Additionally, Telegram notes that secret chats offer a self-destruct timer. When the timer expires, the message disappears from both devices (sender and recipient), and they also try To send a notification if the screenshot is taken, but they cannot guarantee that they will catch every screenshot.

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Message in the cloud

Like most other modern-messaging customers, Telegram lets you store your messages in the cloud. The transmission of any message follows the company’s encryption protocol to be safe. Sent messages can be deleted at any time, and you can clear the entire chat history at both ends in a one-to-one conversation. This is supposed to make your communication secure, while giving you more control over your online presence. Telegram Cloud allows you to send media files up to 2GB.

Telegram bots

Bots were added to the Telegram service in 2015 and third-party developers were allowed to create chatbots that could simulate conversations with real people on Telegram. Programmed bots can respond to messages and accept payment information for transactions. Similar to the nature of Facebook’s bots, Telegram bots can be used by businesses as an alternative method of customer service, with little time given by anyone to code. One item to note is that the bot could potentially read all messages within a group if added, something to consider if you are trying to protect your account.

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Telegram channel

Do you want to receive updates from anyone? Telegram channels may be able to help with this goal, as setting up the channel allows the user to send a one-way message to anyone to subscribe. Channels are available publicly or privately and should not be used to distribute secure content. Unlimited users can subscribe to one channel, and anyone who joins will be able to view the entire message history. Private channels, like private groups, also require invited links to join.

Voice call and video message

You can make voice calls using Telegram, a feature built on the company’s end-to-end encryption technology. Telegram notes that it is attempting to improve its voice calling network with neural networks to learn the best technical parameters for making calls. Voice calls are currently available for use in most countries. You can also jump into a large group voice chat with many friends and family.

Telescope is Telegram’s video hosting platform. With this, you can upload videos to the service, with a time limit of one minute, and share videos with others, even those who are not using the Telegram app. The telescope is not a real-time conversation platform and does not bring video calling to the stage, but rather provides an alternative way to share video content.

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Stickers, Locations and Choices

People using Telegram can share stickers with friends as an alternative to traditional emoji, similar to Facebook Messenger and iMessage. By default, Telegram includes a sticker set with your download, but you can add on additional sticker sets for customization. In addition to sharing stickers, you can also share your locations for a set amount of time – this feature can be disabled at any time.

Specific versions of the Telegram app, including Android, iOS and desktop computers available, can send polls. Customizable choices can be shared, customized with multiple answer options. Voting can be shared as anonymous or visible to everyone, depending on how private or public you are to determine the survey.

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Download telegram

Due to the open nature of Telegram, you can choose from several different Telegram apps for your platform. Some apps have been developed directly by Telegram Messenger LLP, while others have been developed by third parties. Telegram variations exist for iOS, Android, Windows PC, MacOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Google Chrome, Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, and Emacs.

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