What is a aviation accident

What Is A Aviation Accident?

What Is A Aviation Accident? An aviation accident occurs when a commercial plane crashes. It can be an aerial accident or an accident that happens below the earth’s atmosphere. An aviation accident is also defined by the Convention on International Civil Aviation annex 13 as an occurrence related to the operation of a commercial aircraft, that takes place at sea, on land or in the air, and that takes place during the period for which the air host was in charge. A military plane or a plane used for research purposes also meets the criteria laid down by the convention.

In the aviation sector, an air accident occurs when there is a collision between an air-borne object and another such object. For instance, if an aeroplane crashes into a government building, the guilty party can be blamed and sued under the law of negligence. Similarly, if a plane collides into a power plant, the responsible party (the power plant) can be held responsible. The same principle applies in the case of collisions between airplanes and helicopters.

What is a aviation accident
What is a aviation accident

When Aviation Accidents happens

Aviation accidents take place due to negligence on the part of the flight crew, pilots, air host, weather conditions etc. Before taking a decision to take an action in case of such accidents, it is advisable to gather first all the relevant facts. Gathering all the required information can save you a lot of money as sometimes it is found that aviation companies try to avoid paying compensation claiming that the aircraft was a complete loss. It is therefore important to gather all the details about the accident before making any decision. You should keep in mind that every state has its own set of aviation laws. You should seek help from an aviation accident attorney in order to know more about the laws of your state.

Lawyer for Aviation Accident

It is not obligatory for you to hire a lawyer immediately after losing an airplane. If you have not been injured seriously, it is advisable to consider the services of a lawyer. A lawyer who is experienced and well versed with aviation law will give you a clear picture of the legalities involved in the case. He will also guide you towards your best course of action. So it is important to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer who will fight for your cause.

There are various ways to find a good and competent lawyer. You can search online for those lawyers who are specialized in this field and who handle aviation cases. You can also ask friends and colleagues who have worked in this field for many years for recommendations.


The internet is also one of the best places to search for a qualified lawyer. Read the reviews and testimonials posted by people who have worked with that attorney. Get in touch with local bar associations for names of lawyers who are practicing in your area. You should also make a list of questions related to the case you intend to file. You should make a list of queries related to the case, and your attorney, so that you can ask him relevant questions at the initial meeting.

Your lawyer should be able to give you a detailed explanation about any and every point you raise. When you meet with your lawyer for the first time, he or she should be able to explain all points clearly. He or she should then be able to tell you how you can achieve the maximum possible compensation for the loss or injury you have suffered.


In the aviation sector, there are many factors that come into consideration while calculating the compensation amount. It all depends upon the airline as to how much compensation it decides to offer its passenger. A good lawyer will study the insurance policies of the airline before preparing a defense for you. If the airline has to pay compensation, the lawyer will be able to use the policy in your favor. Only a highly experienced and specialized lawyer can represent you in an aviation court.

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