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Walt Disney Imagineering Announces Disney Imagination Campus!

Disney believes imagination and creativity are the core of learning and should be part of every student’s educational experience. That is why Walt Disney Imagineering has just announced Disney Imagination Campus — A comprehensive collection of workshops that commit to helping students learn how to use their imagination and creativity to solve everyday challenges!

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Disney imagination campus
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When talking about the newly announced Disney Imagination Campus, Disney Parks Blog shared:

Now introducing, Disney Imagination Campus! Through imagination powered learning, we believe that new perspectives, creative thinking, fearless exploration and unfettered wonder can lead to amazing things. Our vision is to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and doers (and the next)! We believe that imagination and creativity should be part of every student’s educational experience.

Through a comprehensive collection of workshops across a range of performing arts and academic subjects tiered to different grade levels, we’re committed to helping students learn how to apply their imaginations to solve a lifetime of challenges – in wildly creative ways.

Disney Parks Blog continued to explain that come January 2022, students will have the chance to enroll in reimagined workshops, all created in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering!

Beginning January 2022, students can enroll in reimagined workshops within the pillars of Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology, and Leadership & Innovation. Created in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering, these workshops deliver elevated, educational curriculum that meets the needs of the students of tomorrow. “Our Walt Disney Imagineering partners are renowned for blue sky thinking, masterful storytelling, and creative problem-solving,” said Maryann Smith, Vice President of Sales, Services & Events at The Walt Disney Company. “We’ve taken these key skills and worked with Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Live Entertainment and other Disney thought leaders to create new educational experiences to challenge students to use their imagination, all within our real-world learning laboratories and performance venues across our theme parks.”

Disney imagination campus
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But that’s not all because the Performing Arts workshops, some of the most beloved workshops offered, are coming back! Disney Parks Blog explained:

We are also thrilled to welcome back to the stage our most beloved Performing Arts workshops and performances. “Opportunities for students in the performing arts to engage in performance and workshop experiences have existed at Disney Parks for more than 40 years,” shares Matt Conover, Vice President, Disneyland Resort Live Entertainment. “Disney Imagination Campus will build upon that legacy and expand on stage and backstage experiences led by world-class Disney arts professionals. We worked with educators from a variety of disciplines to bring their expertise so our new campus will offer educational experiences for students from all over to enjoy.”

Disney imagination campus
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Disney Parks Blog also announced a new collaboration with Kahoot!, which will bring an interactive element to select tickets-only experiences as well as certain workshops:

We’ve turned curiosity and imagination into teaching tools, as only Disney can. Our curriculum shows students, teachers, and parents alike how something we call imagination powered learning can make a lasting impact on how students feel about learning, and their own potential to do amazing things.

Speaking of amazing things, we are excited to share our collaboration with Kahoot!, which brings an interactive element to select tickets-only experiences, performance workshops, and educational workshops. “Kahoot!’s long-standing relationship with Disney is now expanding beyond the classroom, bringing interactive learning experiences to the Disney Parks designed for Disney Imagination Campus students,” says Kahoot! CEO Eilert Hanoa. “Whether students are visiting the Disney Parks for a day or participating in workshops, we’ve developed interactive, self-guided challenges that will test their comprehension and retention of key learning objectives during their visit. This is a holistic, groundbreaking, and experiential approach to education.”

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For more information or for the latest updates on when the 2021 and 2022 workshops and performance opportunities will become available, please visit the official Disney Campus website or follow them at @DisneyImaginationCampus on social media.

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