Vegan brand lambert launches an entrepreneur focused iwd contest scaled

Vegan Brand Lambert Launches an Entrepreneur-focused IWD Contest

Photography courtesy of Lambert.

“This competition is a little push to help a woman go to the next level with her business.”

In an effort to inspire and support female Canadian entrepreneurs, Melissa Lambert – the founder of the Montreal-based vegetarian leather accessory label named – has created a contest in honor of International Women’s Day.

He said! The initiative offers a $ 5,000 value to its winner; The $ 2,500 of funding will go towards the creation of marketing materials, with Lambert and his brand’s team members allocated the second half of the 12 months for coaching.

Lambert – whose line was launched in 2017 with three bag styles, and has since expanded to include products in gender categories – was partially influenced to create a competition based on his own experience. Dons l’oeil du dragon (Quebecoy version of trade-focused show Dragon’s Den) Belongs to.

“Initially, I didn’t talk about my project at all,” she said while considering getting pregnant for a bag brand after coming empty-handed during her search for a chic-yet-practical maternity bag while pregnant with her second Reminisces about child. With her background in the telecommunications sector and no formal training, Lambert said that she is not moving forward about her ambitions, as she had a sense of Imposter Syndrome – a notion that would make women, people of color, and members of women Dissatisfied affect. LGBTQ + Community.

She received positive feedback from panelists Dons l’oeil du dragon – As well as the outpouring of interested retailers and customers who saw him on the show – furthering Lambert. “It makes me think, well, you’re in the right place with this. And it gave me the confidence to continue.”

Now, she wants to give back some energy with Xi! Contest. “I read that women entrepreneurs [have been] Most affected during COVID, ”Lambert noted that the pressure on women to pursue careers and childbearing duties has eroded significant additional stress as schools and childcare options have been halted. It is the reality that when he launches his label resonates deeply with Lambert, the mother of young children.

“If you’re at the beginning of your brand, you can get discouraged,” she says of the many aspects of entrepreneurship that have gone through the challenges ahead during the epidemic. “This competition is a little push to help a woman go to the next level with her business.”

As Lambert’s own company, its further work comes from a number of projects, including further expansion into the Canadian market (it currently has more than 200 retailers in Quebec and does a strong national trade online), as well as bags. The upcoming introduction also lining made of 100 percent recycled material. She says that her team is also researching vegetable-based physicality for future designs, and Lambert says they are looking at cycling and recycling options for their pieces of the brand to make its mandate more To be made sustainability-centric.

“The purpose is not about money, it’s about circularity,” Lambert says, when he started the brand, that the use of vegetarian ingredients was not as common as it currently is. She says that environmentally conscious clothes are on everyone’s mind these days, but there is a momentum behind their use that takes them beyond mere instincts. “I don’t like the word trend,” she notes. “I consider it a game-changer.” And the same can be said of Lambert’s efforts to give back.

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