1615990571 update brings android 11 to the motorola moto edge plus

Update Brings Android 11 to the Motorola Moto Edge Plus

Own a Motorola Moto Edge Plus, or considering having one? As the Android 11 update is good news on the software front, it is headed very soon for the phone, along with a new set of features called “Ready For”, where your phone can be used for a larger screen experience than other. Can be connected to devices.

Update brings android 11 to the motorola moto edge plus

To use Ready for, the Edge Plus connects to a TV or monitor using USB-C to HDMI or USB-C to USB-C cable, where Ready for Experience Hub guides you through the new functionality Pops up to do. At its heart, Ready for Samsung acts a bit like DX, where you see multiple windows, documents, videos, and pictures on a large screen as if you were using a desktop computer. The Moto Edge Plus also works with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to complete the desktop-like experience.

It also goes beyond basic productivity work. Prepare a Bluetooth games controller and put mobile games on television in Ready For and lets you relax while you play. Additionally, videos stored on your phone can be streamed to a TV or monitor when connected using the Ready for System, and you can watch videos via streaming apps from your phone in the same way.

While all Ready has a cable for exactly what it needs and a compatible screen to work with, Motorola has also built a special dock. It puts the Moto Edge Plus in portrait orientation, and the cable needed to connect to the screen comes out from the back of the dock instead of your phone. This is ideal if you want to make your work center semi-permanent. If you use the dock, Ready for also activates a video call feature, with the option to use the front camera or flip the phone to use the rear 108-megapixel camera instead . You get a better resolution, a wider field of view, and the call is shown on the connected screen instead of the phone.

Android 11 and Ready for feature will be available as a software update for Motorola Moto Edge Plus on Verizon starting March 17. It has not yet announced availability or price for the dock. If you own the phone, don’t expect updates to appear immediately, as often these releases stagger to ensure that this happens easily. Just be patient, and know that it is on the way.

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