Universal Guests Banned After Throwing Ice at VelociCoaster Riders


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Universal’s newest coaster, Jurassic World VelociCoaster, is a fantastic attraction. Each Guest that walks off the ride typically is shouting its praise and wanting to get back in line to ride again. Unfortunately, sometimes some Guests can try to ruin a perfect and thrilling experience.


In case you didn’t know, VelociCoaster travels at high speeds of 70 mph and undergoes many twists, turns, flips, and moments of incredible G-force. When Guests board the coaster, they must not have any loose objects with them, as the coaster moves fast enough that items could get lost, and some aspects of the coaster happen over water. So, if you dropped something while you were riding, there’s a chance it could be nearly impossible to retrieve.


Some Universal Guests recently experienced a situation where others were not being so kind to those riding. The mosasaurus roll, which is the roll that barrels over the water, is quite close to where Guests stand. This week, Guests reported that they witnessed a group of Guests (who appeared to be teenagers) deliberately throwing ice at the coaster traveling 70 mph. The ice hit riders and even ricocheted back and hit some Guests in line.

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spoke with Kelly S., who was at Islands of Adventure when the incident occurred. Kelly was one of the Guests who was hit by the ice and was the one to alert a Team Member to take action and remove those who were endangering the safety of others from the park.

In full detail, Kelly explained the incident that transpired:

“My daughter Kayla and I were in line to ride the Velocicoaster for the final time of the night. We were in line before the park closed, so this incident took place at 9:05pm. We were really excited because this would be our 3rd ride, but the first time we would be riding in the dark. We were in line right near the wall where the coaster does a barrel roll over the water.

There was an obnoxious group of teenagers, clearly on a graduation trip as indicated by the purple backpacks that several of them had. All of a sudden, in a coordinated effort, they threw large cups of ice as hard as they could, directly hitting a fully loaded coaster car. The sound that it made was terrifying. Ice flew back hitting myself, my daughter and several people in line near us. The group was laughing and seemed very pleased at what they had just done. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed! Ice in the path of a coaster going up to 70mph!”

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“I was furious and concerned for the safety and well being of those on the ride. Being a mother, a Registered Nurse and an empath, I went into mama bear mode. I knew that having words with them simply wasn’t enough. All they did was laugh, clearly having no compassion or empathy for anyone who could have been injured or traumatized in any way.

As soon as I saw a team member, I went and told them about what we observed. Security was called and from what I was told, they were trespassed and banned from the park for a very long time. Kayla and I went back to guest services yesterday where we made sure that this incident was brought to the attention of management and security. The Velocicoaster is hands down the most incredible coaster we’ve ever been on.”

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“I hope that matters such as this will be handled swiftly and severely so people can continue to enjoy it and feel safe doing so. As annual passholders, Kayla and I are there several times a month. We felt it was our duty to intervene and help keep our happy place safe.”

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As Kelly mentioned, she was told that the Guests who threw the ice were banned from the theme park after the incident; however, we are unsure how long that ban will last or if it was just a temporary removal.

Regardless of the consequence, this harmful act should have never occurred, and any Guests visiting the theme park in the future should take a look at the rules and regulations of the park, as endangering others is not acceptable, and as we saw with this case, is cause for removal. If you are ever concerned when visiting a Universal theme park, please find the nearest Team Member.

Kelly’s daughter, Kayla, mentioned that she believes no one was seriously injured from the incident.

At this time, Universal Orlando Resort has not issued a statement regarding this situation. We will update our website with more information as it becomes available.

What do you think of this incident that occurred at Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments below.

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