Universal Calls Out Guest Using Avengers Campus Web-Slinger

Universal calls out guest using avengers campus web slinger

Fireworks spotted ahead of avengers campus opening. SvgCredit:: @PatrickADougall (left) Disney (right)

Universal Orlando Resort has one of the most popular theme park Twitter accounts because of how interactive and fun the account is.

Oftentimes, when a big event happens at Disney World, the Universal Twitter account jumps in with a sassy remark that is purely all for fun and keeps up the image of the ultimate rivalry between the two parks. Knowing this, some Guests may try to instigate Universal to respond with comedy, and they will.

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Patrick Dougall (@PatrickADougall) took to Twitter to post a photo of a Web Shooter from Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort. Patrick took a photo in front of Universal’s rendition of a Spider-Man attraction, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, with the Disney-created WEB Power Band and told Universal:

Hey @UniversalORL … it didn’t work! 

Hilariously, Universal (@UniversalORL) responded with a one-liner:

Try eBay

When WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure debuted in Avengers Campus, Universal quickly jumped on to social media to tell Guests that their 1999 version of a Spider-Man attraction was “still amazing”. Now, they are playing into the joke that a Web Shooter not only could work on their attraction, but calling out all the people who are selling over-priced Avengers Campus merchandise online.

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Tom holland web slingers
Credit: disney

Tweets about both Disneyland and Universal Orlando having a Spider-Man attraction are all over social media. Some Guests have pretended that they are in Avengers Campus while at Islands of Adventure, and others are comparing both attractions to each other, despite their 22-year age gap.

Teek (@jornpayn) Tweeted:

Congrats to @universal for making a better Spider-Man ride 22 years before Disney, a property they don’t even own

Tommy Macklin joined in on a Twitter thread with his thoughts on Avengers Campus and the attraction:

There are three problems:
1. The land doesn’t have an E-ticket.
2. Toy Story Mania is already in the park.
3. Universal already made a better Spider-Man ride around 2 decades ago.
Despite all that, people will likely forget about this in a few years once they build that E-ticket.

As we mentioned, this is not the first time Universal has played into the cheeky Disney jabs! If Guests visit Universal Orlando Resort, they can actually find attractions that poke fun at Disney. For example, the now-extinct Twister attraction used to have a tire from a car spinning while running over Mickey ears in a constant motion.

The rivalry between the two parks is something that Guests have debated for ages, especially considering both theme parks are only a few minutes away from each other. That being said, considering all of the comments made by Universal are always with a smile in mind, it is fun as a Guest to attend a park that has emoted such a detailed personality online!

What do you think of the never-ending battle between Disney World and Universal Orlando? Let us know in the comments below! 


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