Unboxing Microsoft’s Surface Duo: Here’s what comes with the dual-screen phone

Microsoft surface duo One of Microsoft’s most unusual experiments may be. This is a dual screen Android phone. And I have one. But for now, I’m just looking inside the box. A full review of the Duo is scheduled to take place soon, but in the meantime I opened it up to see what’s inside. I got a see-through version Duo to look into its circuit a while back, but did not have a retail boxing device. We do not yet know the Duo’s international price, but its $ 1,200 tag is around £ 920 or AU $ 1,700.

Microsoft surface pair unboxed

The Surface Duo Duo (of course) comes with a USB-C charger and rubber bumper. No surface pens.

Scott Stein / ClearTips

The Duo comes with a USB-C charger and a strange rubber bumper that sticks to the Duo to protect it. Microsoft claims the Gorilla Glass-Covered Duo is sturdy, but I don’t know how well it will survive a drop. The bumper is a sign that perhaps you should treat it with care.

One thing Duo doesn’t have is a pen stylus. The Duo is Microsoft Pen compatible, but Microsoft does not include the pen in the box. I would have preferred one over the USB-C charger.

Because after looking through a duo and special models near me, I thought I’d compare.

Microsoft surface pair comparison

Duo, meet duo. (The one on the right is a special display version, with glass for internal viewing.)

Scott Stein / ClearTips

Certainly, they feel the same. The hinge is extremely smooth and steady-feeling at most angles, and the sleek book-like design is even better in person … to hold, at least.

Will the Duo live up to its promise of being a dual-screen productivity protector for phones? I can not say now. But I will let you know as soon as possible.

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