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Ugg Launches Thier First Sustainable Collection + More Fashion News

Ugg’s photography courtesy

Your favorite casual shoes get an eco update.

Ugg dropped its permanent plant power collection

Pink ugh shoe
Ugg’s photography courtesy

Ugg has committed to a sustainable future with its latest collection of fuzzy footwear. After collaborating with high-profile brands such as Telfar and Molly Goddard, Ugg has spent much of the last year making headlines. In October 2020, the brand made a public commitment to sustainability with the launch of its Feel Good platform, which aimed to keep customers updated with their environmentally conscious goals and initiatives. “Our design team drew inspiration from our iconic styles and created new silhouettes with carbon-neutral, plant-based materials. The resulting plant power collection tells a story about what is possible, and is an exciting step on our journey towards a more sustainable future, ”company president, Andrea Odonnell, says of this new eco-Minded collection. Huh. The styles are made of materials such as renewable sugarcane, TENCEL ™ Lyocell, and LACTAE HEVEA® latex.

Eshajori, a minimalist streetward brand launched from Vancouver

Launched on March 12, Eshajori is a Canadian streetwear brand conceived by Matt Lam. The name translates to a Japanese phrase that means “visitors must participate.” The first collection of two T-Shits, a hoodie, a beanie and a TrueColor hat, is available in limited quantities and will not be retrofitted. Launched in Los Angeles and Toronto and put together in Vancouver, this local label is one to watch.

Lowe announced “collection of surplus”

Ugg launches thier first sustainable collection more fashion news
Photography courtesy of Lowe

The Loewe team is getting creative in creating new products using scrap leather from previous collections. The initiative, called “The Surplus Collection”, includes a smaller version of the brand’s basket bag, which is famous in Jonathan Anderson’s first Loewe collection, and a playful bag attraction in the shape of a crab. Release I /Loewe/ Nature collection in which the brand used recycled, reducing and organic textiles in an effort to increase its sustainability efforts.

Saucony Originals created a sneaker entirely from natural materials

Saucony sneaker
Photography courtesy of Saucony Origins

With a circular economy as its goal, Soconi has taken the first step towards a more sustainable future with its new Jazz Court RFG. Feel-Good Shoe, launched on 16 March, is made from seven natural and renewable materials; The synthetic material is replaced with gardenia flowers and dye exchanged for beet juice, as well as the new style uses 100 percent recycled cardboard for its packaging.

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