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Two Mystery MacBooks Are Entering Production Later This Year

According to a new Nikkei Asia report, Apple is set to begin production on two new MacBooks in the second half of this year. The report stated that the previous production date was May or June. It is not clear which report the MacBook model is referring to, but there are some possibilities.

Tidbit is hidden deep in an article that claims that Apple is reducing production of the iPhone 12 Mini by nearly 20%. We thought the iPhone 12 Mini was a good phone in our review, but there are reports that it is not selling as expected by Apple.

About the macbook, Nikkei Asia It is said that they will come with Apple Silicon Chips, although the exact model number is not stated. This is very surprising, as Apple has begun the transition away from Intel and towards its own custom processor.

Two mystery macbooks are entering production later this year

The lack of a model number on Apple silicon chips in a Nikkei Asia article makes it difficult to know in what context the MacBook report refers. Apple has been rumored that it may give a completely new look to the 14-inch MacBook Pro this year – probably like this spring – but Apple’s spring event for these devices would be too early if they were only in production in late 2021 Are entering.

Of course, this may mean that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will not appear at the spring event and may instead launch in October or November. This has been a more traditional time for Apple to launch new MacBooks in recent years, especially when it comes to major improvements rather than small component tweaks, so this is likely a longer timeframe. This means that it may be a tool in the Nikkei Asia report.

Alternatively, these mysterious MacBooks may be newer versions of the MacBook Air or later versions of the MacBook Pro – for example perhaps an update to the MacBook Pro 16. Given that it is Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop, it is expected to come with a beefier chip than the M1 that currently powers the MacBook Pro 13.. Apple can still put the finishing touch on this chip, hence the production. The laptop housing is pushing them back a bit.

Most likely, the Nikkei Asia report is referring to the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16, as launching them together will allow the entire MacBook Pro range to be updated at once. With Apple as usual, however, anything is possible. All we can do is wait and see what CEO Tim Cook reveals in due time.

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