Try out Android 12 early (if you dare): Here’s how to get the developer beta

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Are you ready to learn more about Android 12?

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Google Just announced Android 12 this week, And with it, many new features that improve the software that enhances your strengths Android phone. The primary mission of Android 12 is to improve overall performance on your phone with a focus on app stability and redesigned notifications.

Google has also added some new privacy features, allowing Android users to control how they are monitored on sites.

3 things android 12 can do that android 11 cant

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Our first look is on android 12


If you are struggling to get Google’s latest software on your phone right now, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, this is the very first developer preview. This means that it is going to be full of bugs, issues and poor battery performance. Google has made it difficult to establish the average user, particularly for those reasons.

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The good news is, if you are tech-savvy and don’t feel like living with some bugs, you can install it today, as long as you have a compatible phone.


You can install the beta on any Pixel phone going back to the Pixel 3.

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Developer Beta is good for developer

I cannot emphasize this: The first beta is for developers to start updating their app for new software. Google recommends installing updates on a test device, not your daily phone, as there is no guarantee that the preview will be stable enough for daily use.

Instead of giving the first preview via an over-the-air update, you have to download the system image and install it using the Android Flash tool, or sideload the OTA update using the adb command. If none of this makes sense to you, then you should definitely stay away from installing Beta. Currently, the beta is only available for Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a and Pixel 5.

Upon using the command line tool to install it, the process will reset your phone, forcing you to set it as if it were new. Then if you decide you want to go back to Android 11, guess what? Yes, you have to reset it again.

This is a lot of work just to get an early look at the software that is sure to give you problems.

With all of that said, if you still want to install Android 12, you can find the appropriate files and instructions on Google’s Android 12 site.

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We are installing Android 12 as soon as possible to find the new logo.

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Yes, Android 12 public beta is coming

Google usually launches a public beta of the next Android update around May, or when it has held a Google I / O developer conference. But we can go a step further and reduce the time when Google plans to release a more sophisticated version of Android to the public. Here is the release plan on using Google schedule:

Android-12-desktop-timeline-en-landpg. Png

Google’s release schedule for Android 12


Based on that, we know that the first public beta should launch sometime in May.

With the launch of Android 11 last year, Google extended the public beta to more than its Pixel line of smartphones. This seemed successful for Google and its hardware partners, so we would expect a similar launch this year. Owners of Samsung phones, however, we cannot make any promises. The smartphone maker has never participated in Google’s initial beta program.

In addition to supporting more devices, public beta has traditionally had fewer bugs and issues. It’s not completely free of them, but it’s better than early developer sons.

The last Android 12 release won’t happen until the end of this year

Google finalizes a major Android update late in the third quarter, usually around August or September. Thus giving the company and developers plenty of time to get ready for launch.

If you want to participate in Android 12 beta yourself, I suggest waiting as long as possible to install it. Later on when you get into the development cycle, the more updated you are, the less polished you are and the less likely you are to experience them.

We will have a lot more Android 12 coverage in the coming days, weeks and months. Until then, be sure to read about everything included in Android 12.

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