Top 9 things not to do before sleeping (we warned you)

Not long ago we told you about position errors during sleep but as we like to explore a subject at 360°, today we are looking at the dramatic mistakes we all make before sleeping WHEN IN FACT WE HAVE TO NOT THAT WE MAKE THEM, I lose my subjunctive so much it shocks me your insubordination.

1. Watch TV or your phone or computer TRANQUILLOU

Nah but it’s not going to the head my word? Didn’t you know that you have to avoid screens 3 hours before sleeping, damn it? Well ok 3 hours is a lot but the more time you leave between your exposure to screens the less you will mess up your sleep and the less you will complain afterwards on social networks that you have insomnia at 3am. In short, an unexpected saving of time for everyone.

Sp vs golum iphone 1

2. Heat your room

Ok I’m not telling you to sleep in a room at 12 degrees but not exceeding 17 degrees on the thermostat should allow you to sleep better and make serious energy savings. That is the demand of the people ?

3. Do a series of push-ups before bed

People addicted to sport piss everyone off, we’re not going to go back on that. But those who are super hot to do an intensive sports session based on squats, push-ups, cladding and split training before bed are not the smartest: this activity will simply prevent them from falling asleep peacefully because body heat will still be too high.

Shopping vs salle de sport 1

4. Eat a prime rib in the evening

From an ecological point of view, I would even be tempted to advise against the prime rib for lunch or morning. But in the evening, this kind of high-protein meal may disturb your sleep and make you dream of very angry crippled oxen trampling your ass by dropping big boxes full of methane.

5. Put yourself in a huge jail

It’s true that we are more likely to drink alcohol in the evening than at any other time of the day (at least I hope so) and yet alcohol is your enemy for a good night’s rest. Of course, you can immerse yourself in a state of alcoholic coma, but your sleep will not be very restorative. Otherwise you can also be a mature person and stop boozing like a hole a few hours before considering throwing yourself in the dump, you will necessarily come out of it grown.

6. Smoking blonde

The cigarette before going to bed is certainly the most stupid ritual of smokers (even more stupid than the ritual of blowing smoke while speaking with a super serious voice of idiot). Indeed, in the cigarette there is nicotine, a formidable stimulant which will not fail to shake you the throbbing.

7. Leave a nightlight

Well then already, how old are you to sleep with a night light?

Then, the night light will kill your secretion of melatonin, the thing that allows you to pioncer more or less correctly so be nice will turn off this loupiotte which pumps too much electricity anyway. And if you really want a night light, at least take this one to sleep badly but in style.

8. Watch a movie in the evening already in your bed

Among the most serious tips for better sleep, it is often recommended to do nothing else in bed but sleep. Neither work, nor eat, nor watch a movie in the evening even if it’s nice. Yeah I know I’m breaking the mood but life isn’t all about celebrations.

9. Herbal tea before sleeping

Another false good idea (almost worse than a real bad idea): the infusion before going to bed. You will consume a good dose of float and according to all physiological logic you will want to pee all night long. You don’t have to be Colombo to see that’s bullshit.

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