Top 9 reasons to stop imitating the series, real life is good too

Watching series is often very positive like the square root of 25: it relaxes the brain, it makes the imagination work, it creates impossible love stories with characters and sometimes there are even series that boost product sales. Frankly, if it’s not beautiful. Unfortunately, there are also times when people take what they see on the show a little too literally and decide that impersonating their favorite character is a good idea (spoiler: it clearly isn’t). It gives people who are unable to cite anything other than Friends and other very dramatic situations. So let’s stop, here we go, stop.

1. An Italian thief tried to impersonate Assane Diop in Lupin (and screwed up)

In October 2021, a 21-year-old Italian, dressed in an Arsène Lupin-style jacket, attempted to steal the contents of an oratory bar in a church near Monza. He waited for the bells to ring to break a window and enter, but he was seriously injured in the process. After pocketing €21 worth of loot and a bottle of orange juice, he had to go get help. When questioned by police, he first said he was attacked during a burglary, then confessed to his plan to imitate Assane Diop in the Netflix series Lupin. Someone tell him to be more careful next time because frankly, it still looked better on the show.

2. People throw pizzas on the roof of a house in reference to Breaking Bad

The writers of Breaking Bad had the bad idea to have Walter White throw a small pizza on the roof of his house in season 3. They took it badly: the house is now often the victim of throwing pizzas from fans came on purpose on pilgrimage with margheritas. And as you can imagine, it really pisses off the real people who live in it on a daily basis. If you don’t want your pizza, give it to me instead of actually messing it up.

3. People are going to participate in a Squid Game reality show

No, no, you’re not hallucinating. After the success of the Korean series, Netflix decided that it would be a really great idea to adapt it into a reality TV show. Obviously, the contestants wouldn’t get killed trying to win $4.56 million (which Netflix was forced to clarify anyway). But it’s still quite funny knowing that the series is supposed to denounce capitalism. In short, stop the slaughter.

4. School kids were playing Squid Game games (and the consequences were horrible)

Definitely, Squid Game is the most inspiring series in the world (or the series that goes too far, it’s up to you). At the time of its release, children in elementary school started playing 1-2-3 soleil version Squid Game, which means that each time someone was eliminated, they were beaten by the others . Already, I would like someone to explain to me how kids under the age of 10 could see this series which myself gave me the female dog. And then it’s all the more scary to think that because of this series, children got hit because they lost at a game. Afterwards, if it was 4.56 million little candies that sting, I can understand (no it’s wrong, nothing excuses that).

5. The Office fans are walking on hot coals

You visualize this wonderful episode of season 3 of The Office where, during a party on the beach, Pam walks on ashes like a queen? Well can you imagine that people do the same thing in real life, yes yes. In mid-June 2022, in Switzerland, 25 people (including 13 hospitalized) were injured after stepping on ashes during a team building event organized by the marketing company Goldbach. Not badly sure that we do not find these management methods in the labor code.

6. A teenager died while imitating Rue d’Euphoria

Serious and unfortunate accident linked to an imitation of a series: in January 2022, two teenagers from Lot-et-Garonne took a large quantity of drugs to do like Rue, their idol in the series Euphoria, which among other things tackles drug taking by high school students. The next day, the two young girls were found unresponsive and one of them finally died as a result of this decision. Zendaya, the interpreter of Rue, made a point of recalling that this series was intended for an adult audience and that it was not to be taken lightly.

7. A Peruvian imitated the series 13 Reasons Why for his suicide

Another tragic accident: in 2019, a young 23-year-old Peruvian ended his life by taking inspiration from the series 13 Reasons Why, which talks about school bullying after the suicide of a student, Hannah Baker. The young man, who threw himself from the 4th floor, left two notes behind him: one addressed to a girl who allegedly broke his heart and the other giving directions for finding tapes addressed to relatives, according to him , responsible for his suicide. The tapes are one of the key elements of 13 Reasons Why because it is by this means that Hannah Baker denounces her stalkers and explains her tragic gesture.

8. Lots of people get tattoos of Eleven’s 011 in Stranger Things and it’s problematic.

You may not know it yet (and it’s going to make you bader) but some scenes of season 4 of Stranger Things were shot in a former Nazi prison in Vilnius, Lithuania. Already, not phew. Also note that Netflix wants to make this decor a hotel on the theme of the series, in project with Airbnb (still not phew). And add to all that the hundreds of people who have tattooed numbers on their forearms to imitate Eleven. For those who have zapped, these figures are the symbol of a trauma experienced by the victims of the Holocaust, so the cultural reappropriation for a series, it’s average bof what. For all these reasons, a petition is currently circulating asking for an apology from Netflix, Stranger Things, Airbnb and the closure of the hotel. And frankly, that’s the minimum.

9. A resident of Angers tried to kill a man by imitating Dexter

When we told you that Angers is the best city in France, we didn’t necessarily say that for its inhabitants. In November 2014, a 30-year-old from Paris arrived at a building in the city wearing a white jumpsuit and gloves to kill another Angevin and “settle a drug debt problem”. Inspired by the Dexter series, he had lined the trunk of his car with a tarpaulin and put aside chemicals in which he intended to dissolve the body of his victim. He couldn’t watch a series like Friends instead?

? Very inspired by television series, in particular that of “Dexter”, a story of attempted homicide is judged from this Wednesday before the Assize Court of Maine-et-Loire.

Posted by The Western Mail on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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