Top 9 presidential candidate court cases

Among the questions we ask ourselves: “can we be a presidential candidate if we have already been convicted? “. Well, if you haven’t received a sentence of ineligibility, yes! So ask Zemmour, this deconstructed man who juggles legal cases as he juggles racist remarks, hihi. But let’s be fair: it’s not just him. Among the 12 candidates, several of them have come into contact with justice, and not for ministerial questions, if you know what I mean!

1. Zemmour, the master in the matter

A conviction for “incitement to racial hatred” in 2011, another for “incitement to religious hatred” in 2019, he appealed last January against a third conviction for “incitement to hatred and violence” in because of his statements about migrant minors. Also on his list: charges of “disputing a crime against humanity” which will be judged on May 12 by the Paris Court of Appeal, not to mention the 8 other procedures still in progress, in particular for “racist insult”, “incitement to hatred”, “racial insult” or “public insult”. Here, here, a nice guy, in short. So let’s stop calling it “The Z” and call it “the N” (do you have it?).

2. Marine Le Pen, accused of “embezzlement of public funds”

An indictment that has dragged on since 2016. Justice is investigating a possible “system” of embezzlement set up by the National Front (current RN). It would be a question of financing the salary of its permanent staff thanks to money from the European Union, using the envelopes of MEPs (reserved for the use of parliamentary assistants). In addition to the candidate and her party, as a legal person, 22 other people are implicated in this case. Among them: Yann Le Pen, sister of Marine, Jean-Marie Le Pen or Louis Aliot, the mayor of Perpignan.

She was also condemned by European justice to reimburse 300,000 euros to the European Parliament for “fictitious work”.

3. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a not bad track record either

We talk a lot about the legal cases of the candidates of the right, but let’s be honest, on the left, there are also sacred fish! Mélenchon, in particular. This gentleman who shouts a lot and who often turns red with anger, received a 3-month suspended prison sentence as well as 8,000 euros in fines for “rebellion” and “provocation”, after having declared… Guess… Come on, you have… ” The Republic is me! during the search of its premises in 2018. A search following two preliminary investigations opened by the Paris public prosecutor’s office for various suspicions: suspicions of fictitious jobs for MEPs’ assistants (cc Le Pen), and overbilling of country. AND IT’S NOT OVER. Two appeals against him should be held for “public insult” and “defamation”: he called journalists from Radio France “dumbs” and “liars”, and a journalist from Le Monde “repentant assassin” . Are new convictions about to hit the only candidate to have made a hologram of himself? Possible.

The leader of La France insoumise harshly criticized Franceinfo journalists in October 2018, calling them “morons” and “liars”.

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4. Jadot, pure rebellion

Unfortunately, the grass is not greener on the side of the environmentalist. Well… Not greener… I’m exaggerating a bit! He was just given a two-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 2,000 euros in 2006, for “undermining the superior interests of the Nation”, following an attempted intrusion into a Breton nuclear submarine base. Then a member of Greenpeace, he wanted, with his friends, to denounce “the illegality of the French nuclear armament program, with regard to the Non-Proliferation Treaty”. So. Even his court appearances are green. What do you want ? We don’t redo each other, huh!

5. Anne Hidalgo, two defamations and a violation of the law

Twice, the mayor of Paris has been condemned for defamation. In 2016, she received a suspended fine of 500 euros for remarks dating back to 2012: she had claimed that the National Front had “supported collaboration with the Nazis”. She also accused an architect of using municipal documents for personal gain.

Last case, much sadder: in 2012 she paid a fine of €40,000 for breaching the legislation on working hours, following the suicide of an employee of the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme, including Hidalgo, at that time there, presides over the board of directors. In the letter written before her gesture, the woman mentioned her difficulty at work and alluded to many unpaid overtime hours. (source.)

6. … defamation also on the side of Valérie Pécresse

Not yet sentenced, but soon judged: the candidate LR will be in court next December for defamation against a magistrate, in February 2020. You remember when she claimed, at the microphone of France Inter, “ a minimum, safe and certain sentence for assaulting an authority figure » as well as the need to « restore authority and discipline »? Well… Who is taken who thought he was taking, hihi.

7. Roussel, and… suspicions of fictitious employment

Uh, it’s me, where is this thing about inventing jobs the candidate’s baby? After Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and (especially) François Fillon in 2017, Fabien Roussel’s turn. The communist candidate was accused by Mediapart of having received a salary as a parliamentary assistant from 2009 to 2014, without having held this position. An accusation denied by the accused who claims to have documents to prove it! Case to follow.

[#BattreLaCampagne ??] Today, Witco looks back on Mediapart’s revelations about Fabien Roussel, who…

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8. Poutou, sentenced for degradation at the Motor Show

If I tell you Poutou and automobile, will you answer me? Ford. Barely. And for good reason: the candidate is known to have fought body and soul against the abolition of positions in this Blanquefort company. A rebellion that will have earned him an entry on his criminal record: in September 2012, he would have degraded vehicles at the Auto Show to express his dissatisfaction. Throwing confetti, stickers stuck on the bodywork and symbolic occupation of the dealer’s stand (act repeated in 2014) will have earned him more than 400 euros in fines.

9. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, finally released

« In 2016, the socialists compensated for the drop in the birth rate with the migratory invasion. Population change is now! » the tweet, published by the candidate in January 2017, for which he was prosecuted for “incitement to hatred or discrimination” (you surprise me!). While at the hearing, the Paris prosecutor’s office had requested a fine of 5,000 euros, he was finally released in June 2018. No entry in the criminal record, therefore, but a guy who remains a little more detestable every day . We can not have everything.

Now guess which candidates are not against a clean criminal record to have the right to run for president… Arthaud, Macron, Lassalle and Dupont-Aignan. Amazing, isn’t it?

Sources : France Inter, France Blue, Release

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