Top 9 of the hardest stars with themselves, they have easy self-criticism

We all have slumps where we feel a bit like shit looking at our lives, it’s normal, even if we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves and constantly insult ourselves. This kind of slack also happens to celebrities, because success and fame are not everything, we all have our neuroses. We therefore suggest that you see some of these stars who have been rather hard on themselves, sometimes perhaps even too much, but we advise you to read it with a good hot chocolate under a plaid and above all we advise you to take it easy a little in hand kind of failure.

1. Tom Hanks said he made “four good movies” in his career

He has been doing this job for forty years, he has two Oscars and he has acted in nearly 120 films, including a huge number of very, very good films, so to hear him say that he has only made “four good “It makes a little bad assessment. He really doesn’t deserve to be so hard on himself, he who is so nice to everyone.

2. Franz Kafka thought “The Metamorphosis” sucked

The author of the famous book with a guy who turns into a giant cockroach did not like his job. In general, moreover, since it is estimated that he would have burned nearly 90% of what he wrote in his life. On his deathbed he asked his “best friend” to burn down his remaining notes, which the motherfucker didn’t. That’s how we got this book that Kafka hated and that my classmate Julie in ninth grade also hated to read without giving too many arguments.

3. Jim Carrey would not see himself reprising his old roles

Just before announcing his retirement, Jim Carrey said he would not like to return to any of his old screen roles as The Mask or Ace Ventura. Probably the sequel to Dumb and Dumber had vaccinated him since he said “we end up imitating ourselves, we no longer seek original inspiration and we diminish the strength of previous works”. A little hard for the directors of Dumb et Dumber but it is clearly heard.

4. Sam Raimi didn’t like doing “Spiderman 3” at all and made it clear

After succeeding in two installments of the Spider-Man adaptations, Sam Raimi released a really bad (yes) third installment. And he himself hasn’t been kind to his work as he said “I did what I could, but I didn’t really believe in the characters and the Spider-Man fans could only see that. When a director doesn’t like something, he shouldn’t do it. ” It has the merit of being clear.

5. Hitchcock hated one of his masterpieces

The film the cord is probably one of Hitchcock’s most original in terms of staging since it is filmed in just three or four shots. A consequent work in the organization of the shooting and in the cutting of the film which, for many people, is genius and works well. Except that Hitchcock considered the film a complete failure and was extremely hard on his work, even going so far as to buy all the exploitation rights to try to make it disappear permanently.

6. Daniel Radcliffe thinks he plays shit in some Harry Potter

If the actor does not deny the saga which made his success, he has already spoken several times of the discomfort he had to see himself playing in it. Of all the movies, the one he hates the most is The Half-Blood Prince, mainly because he thinks he plays it like crap and his performance sucks. “It’s like looking at a mistake you’ve made every day for 11 months,” clearly he’s not being kind to himself. If it can reassure him, the big problem with this film was above all that they completely messed up the adaptation of one of the best books in the saga.

7. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) deeply hates “Stairway to heaven”

The singer of the best rock band of all time Led Zeppelin hates his most famous hit. He describes the song as “wedding music” and has categorically refused to play it since 1980. One day he even gave $1,000 to a radio because the DJ had said that if he collected the sum he would no longer play the music. Too bad, the song is good. It does not hurt to think of the members of Radiohead who hate their song Creep and even call it “Crap” when they talk about it.

8. David Fincher continues to shit on his first film

When David Fincher had the opportunity to make Alien 3 we didn’t quite trust him like we do today. If he had a very particular and frankly cool vision of what he would have liked to achieve, the studios did not let him work at all as he intended. As a result, he hated the script just as he hates the film, having even asked for it to be removed from his filmography in certain DVD menus. It sets the tone.

9. Keanu Reeves thinks his performance in The Matrix would be nothing without the special effects team

It may be more clairvoyance than self-criticism, I grant you, but the actor had donated almost half of his salary from the film Matrix to the special effects technicians, judging that without them his own work had no value and no meaning. It’s both proof that Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person on the planet but also a super harsh judgment on his own work.

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