Top 9 lesser known and too cool spots to see in Japan, surprises at every corner of…

Japan has everything going for it: a fascinating and abundant history, monuments, an incredible culture, between modernity and tradition, large sprawling cities and sometimes atypical nature. A country that encourages not always sticking to the basics. Tokyo is very nice, but Japan is full of incredible places just waiting for you. Places like these 10…


It is one of the four big islands of Japan and yet, it is a little neglected by tourism. Which is a shame considering what it has to offer. In terms of landscapes but not only. This is where many Japanese people have been making the K?b?-Daishi pilgrimage for a very long time, which consists of walking a very long distance in order to stop at the 88 temples on the island. Which usually takes a good 2 months.

2. Hitachi Park

Located north of Tokyo, this 190-hectare flower park offers a striking spectacle that changes with the seasons. If you go there from late April to mid May you can admire some 4.5 million nemophilas. Magnificent blue flowers that contribute even more to the magic proper to this place beyond time and space.

3. Tottori Dunes

Dunes in Japan? Yes Madam ! Being able to reach 50 meters in height and extending over 16 kilometres, they provide a feeling of being elsewhere. You can even ride a camel there, admiring the impetuous waves.

4. Sagano Bamboo Forest

At the foot of Mount Arashi, near Kyoto, this place is quite famous in Japan. You can admire the cherry blossoms that have contributed to the country’s fame, but above all immerse yourself in the impressive giant bamboo forest of Sagano. A unique place that produces its own light, due to the infiltration of the sun through the bamboo groves, as well as its own music, produced by the wind that meanders between the bamboos. Magic !

5. Aoga-shima

An incredible island found 358 km south of Tokyo, in the Philippine Sea. An island that is home to a huge double volcano, which in itself is rare enough to be worth the trip. About 200 people live there year-round.

6. Gokoyama

A small isolated traditional village that has resisted progress and industrialization to bear witness today to Japan’s fascinating past. Neighboring the village of Shirakawa-go, it is less frequented than the latter and therefore more recommendable if you are looking to take more of the cross roads outside the better known tourist highways. In particular, you can admire old houses 300 years old, with their pretty thatched roofs. UNESCO made no mistake about it.

7. Biei Blue Pond

An artificial stretch of water designed to prevent volcanic erosion of sand that has the particularity of being an almost supernatural blue. A color due to the presence in the water of aluminum (which comes from nearby sources) and the fact that lime and sulfur have given the bed an immaculate color which contributes to the phenomenon. The perfect computer wallpaper!

8. Shimoguri-no-Sato Valley

Nicknamed the Tyroll of Japan, this valley has two enormous advantages: it is very little frequented and is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. The other side of the coin: access is not the easiest.

9. Mount K?ya

Another particularly photogenic religious place also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accessible by funicular, Mount K?ya includes around a hundred monasteries which also serve as guesthouses. It is therefore strongly recommended to stay there at least one night to appreciate the special atmosphere.

And yet, there are plenty of lesser-known places that remain recommendable. Do not hesitate to go on an adventure!

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