Top 8 times a series was changed because of the fans

Fans have much more power than they imagine, we could see it with Dexter fans who brought back their series not phew for a final season 10 years later. By complaining on social networks or boycotting TV channels, fans can claim anything and everything. And it happens a little too often that they win.

1. Stranger Things writers changed the storyline for season 5 after fan feedback

During the WGFestival, an event for screenwriters of films and series, the creators of Stranger Things spoke about the development of Season 5. Matt Duffer explained that the storyline for Season 5 was already well advanced before the release of Season 4 because they had some time off with the Covid-related delays. After the release of season 4 of Stranger Things, they received fan feedback and partially rewrote the series ending. We hope that Mike is going to die, we can no longer see his face.

2. Two Lost characters died because fans hated them

Nikki and Paulo were two characters from Lost that nobody liked, but like really nobody. By dint of hearing fans proclaim their hatred for these two survivors of the crash, the writers decided to get rid of them and they did not do things by halves. Nikki and Paulo were treated to an absolutely gruesome death in Season 3 when they ended up buried alive after a spider attack.

3. Jim didn’t stay co-manager in The Office for long because the fans didn’t like it

Nobody really liked this arc of The Office where Jim becomes co-manager with Michael and the showrunners knew it very quickly. This is partly why they decided to put an end to this madness and everyone is very kindly returned to their post.

4. A “bad guy” from Dr House was quickly ousted by the fans

By hating the character of Edward Vogler in Dr Housethe fans saved the series which did not bode well from season 1. This figure of a villain who came out of nowhere made no sense and it is quite possible that the writers decided to delete his character after seeing the wave of hatred towards him.

5. Glee writers used fan ideas to write

The first seasons of Glee were masterful, a pure masterpiece, almost as good as the second part ofHigh School Musical. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and we felt that the creators lacked inspiration. Several screenwriters have also admitted to having written certain scenes only to please the fans (and it’s a bit sad). This is the case when Rachel meets her biological mother but also when Brittany and Santana go out together.

6. The old Scrubs theme came back because fans didn’t like the new one.

There are plenty of series that backtrack when you don’t like it and also series modified after their release and that’s what happened for Scrubs. The creators had decided to change the credits a little bit in season 2 by slowing down the music, but the fans immediately noticed the difference and freaked out. In order not to get beat up, they put the old credits back for the following season.

7. Nobody liked the character of Aaron in Gossip Girl.

If you didn’t know, Gossip Girl is a series adapted from a book and even a saga of books for teenagers. In the books, the character of Aaron is very different from the one we see in the series and nobody liked this new version. While he became Blair’s half-brother in season 2, it wasn’t enough to make him reappear and we never saw him again.

8. A Gendry joke was added to Game of Thrones

In season 3 of Game of Thrones, Davos helps Gendry escape from the dungeons of Dragonstone and explains to him how to reach Port-Réal by boat. This is the last time we see Gendry, struggling on his boat, before season 7. Gendry on his boat has become a meme because everyone wondered, for lack of news, if it had been 4 years since he was rowing. When he finally reappears, Davos tells him “I thought you were still rowing” and the writers revealed that this joke was added as a wink to all the fans who made memes on Reddit.

There you go, now you have plenty of answers to questions you didn’t ask yourself. What more ?

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