Top 8 things that are forbidden for minors, but that no one respects

According to Law 1/1996 of January 15 concerning the legal protection of minors: minors are people under the age of 18 (and also people who work in mines but that has nothing to do with our topic of the day) . OK. And so in principle there’s a lot of stuff you can’t do before that fateful age but let’s be honest nobody respects those damn prohibitions and finally, isn’t that what would make the salt of our carefree youth?

1. Alcohol

HAHAHAHA. Let me laugh. Find me one person in France who didn’t take their first drink until they were 18. Attention huh, I’m not saying it’s good I’m just saying it’s the reality.

Top illus france vs usa alcool
Picture credits: Topito

2. Cigarettes

If we started to smoke only at the age of majority, there is a good chance that we will never start smoking, you will agree. Given the number of smokers in France, however, it seems to me that our young cherubs continue to smoke and it is certainly not the puffs (the worst invention of humanity) that will dissuade them.

Infographie fumer cigarette

3. Films prohibited for those under 18

It seems to me that the best way to attract a young audience is to ban a film from a certain age. Well in real there are not that many, I think you can survive without seeing fuck me, Cannibal Hollocaust or the Hindquarters will whistle three times before your majority.

4. Tattoos

Well in fact, you just need to have the agreement of one of the parents to be able to get a tattoo when you are under 18 (which takes away a little the subversive character of the tattoo, you will agree, even if today we can too much to say that tattoos still have any subversive character). But it goes without saying that a lot of minors tattoo themselves as they want when they want.

Topito vs tatouage prince

5. Go clubbing

Paradox: the only time in life when you have a good reason to go clubbing is when you’re a minor.

6. Sports betting

Playing flouze on sporting events is a passion shared by many people, but minors are particularly fond of it. No wonder when we are made to believe that we can make a little money (when not at all).

8. And soon scooters

Pfft. The easiest way guys is to ban scooters altogether, stop looking further and leave us alone with this lousy means of transport.

On the other hand, no problem for hunting from the age of 15. YAAAY.

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