Top 8 stingiest companies in the world, labor clamps

The world of work is cruel, people are ready to do anything to crush you and rise in the rotten ladder of companies plagued by profit. After this sentence worthy of a bad trade union tract, we are going to talk about the most stingy companies, the ones that really give rotten stuff to people as a benefit or as a thank you and which make us say that we are not so bad where we are. is.

1. Amazon and the lack of office supplies

Several American employees of the company Amazon had raised a few small concerns, such as the fact that they had to share bagels during lunch since there was not enough to eat, but above all that they lacked basic office supplies and that we refused to give it to them, while the site literally sells everything there is and makes mind-blowing profits. Some employees were forced to look good to their manager to have something as important as a computer charger, it’s problematic.

2. Haribo and the six packets of sweets

Recently a man found in a train station a check for 4.6 million euros addressed to the order of Haribo. He contacted the company who asked him to destroy the check and send the proof. And a few days later he received six packets of candy at home as a thank you. So obviously he couldn’t cash the check and didn’t prevent them from losing all that money, but still, six packets of candy… It’s really cheap.

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3. The company that forced its employees to choose between pay or bathroom breaks

In the United States, the company American Future Systems Inc. forced its employees to choose between a pay cut calculated on their bathroom break time or not going to the bathroom at all. Obviously it is totally illegal and after a trial the box was forced to pay back 1.75 million dollars to share with its employees to compensate them for these horrible methods of bastard.

4. When EastyJet gave free tickets to its employees

A few years ago Capital magazine revealed that the company EasyJet gave free one-way tickets to its employees to go to the destinations they wanted, except that they did not give them the return ticket which therefore had to be paid for at their expense. Not stupid because it’s a great way to sell tickets if you think about it, but having to pay half of your gift is never cool.

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5. Coca Cola which gave the equivalent of 12 bottles a year to its employees

According to the same study by Capital magazine, a few years ago the company Coke gave its employees the equivalent of 12 bottles of its drink per year as a voucher. We are obviously talking about one of the biggest companies in the world and it is still rather stingy to give on the one hand the product we sell and on the other hand in such small quantities.

6. Companies that gave shitty freebies during covid

We had ranked the worst corporate gifts during confinement and there were some nice shitty things, like a lot of people who received candy and a little note instead of a bonus or a raise because they literally had to work hard to keep their company afloat. Not phew.

7. The jewelry store that offered $5 watches

A netizen by the name of John Picciotto told a newspaper how he and his team raised sales at a jewelry store and shattered company records. So they were quite logically expecting a nice Christmas bonus but they each received a watch worth five dollars, which is almost equal to a middle finger in the working world and it’s never a good way to reward their teams.

8. Cashiers completely forgotten during covid

In some stores, cashiers (and cashiers) were forced to buy their own hydroalcoholic gel, which is already well abused, but in addition few of them have had bonuses or increases despite all the risks of contamination incurred, the monumental workload, lack of breaks and all the mess. Of course we are not even going to talk about the caregivers who had a moldy bonus of 100 euros for having lived through hell for months and to whom we said “yeah yeah well done but at the same time it is your job”.

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