Top 8 reasons to watch Yellowjackets, the best series of the moment

Hi my little apple-strawberry compotes. Pff what are we watching tonight as a series? There’s so much nothing to watch it’s chiaaaaaaaaant.

LOL. Can you imagine people saying that?

In short, you may have heard lately about the raging new Yellowjackets series (available on MyCanal). Well that’s normal. We watched it and we loved it. So we weren’t going to leave you any longer without explaining our most advanced arguments to discover this new nugget.

1. It is a revised and corrected version of His Majesty of the Flies and for those who have read the book it is a fundamental argument

Good attention it is a somewhat distant adaptation but which will give an idea of ​​the morbidly creepy survivalist atmosphere of the story. For those who have never read His Majesty of the Flieswhat are you still doing here, go read it right away animal gang.

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2. It’s about a super baddass women’s football team and that’s cool

A series dominated by cool girls (not always cool but we like them anyway) and I can tell you that it’s not about rags. Far from girly clichés, we do not sink into the opposite caricature either. In short, the characters are simply well written and it’s fun.

3. We’re just fans of Juliette Lewis by Christina Ricci

Both are great, both are perfect. We are much too happy to find them in a role of punk addict for one and big crazy for the other.


4. The two-part cutout (1996 and now) is expertly constructed

And believe it or not, the suspense holds throughout, I challenge you to guess the plot. These time jumps just allow us to tear our hair out wondering what the hell is going to happen. If you don’t have a lot of hair left, it could put you on the path to early baldness.

5. It’s hard to say if it’s a thriller, something horror, or a little gory survivalism, but that’s okay, let’s get carried away

The mixture of genres is only that true.

6. The soundtrack is just AMAZING for anyone who lived near or far in the 90s

Absolute love, you’ll get your fill of Alanis Morissette, Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, not to mention The Offspring, Ace of Base and a bit of Kim Wilde. Basically, you spend each episode saying to yourself “wow, I have to listen to that damn again”.

7. It’s always reassuring to see that you can survive a plane crash.

Good after, you have to like living in the forest, it’s true for… 19 months. Yeah but apparently the small group finds plenty of entertainment on site to not get bored, and that’s great.

8. We expect a slightly superficial teen series and it’s much darker and smarter than that

We are fans. So. Is it clear now?

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