Top 8 Reasons to Accept Cookies, Please Come On

You may not know it, but sometimes a click can save a life, like when you share an image on Facebook because if there are 2000 shares a child can have a knee transplant. On all the sites you visit, you are offered to accept or refuse cookies, which is also the case with us, and refusing them is very serious (yes TRÈÈÈÈÈÈS), which I will hasten to explain to you. right away.

1. Because you can’t refuse a cookie

There you go, in terms of basic politeness, it’s really very inappropriate to refuse something like a cookie. I wonder how you can look in the mirror after that when we kindly offered we even said please.

2. Because it has a cool name, it’s bound to be cool

If it’s called cookies it’s REALLY a positive thing, otherwise we would have called it with an uncool name, like polenta or shit. “Do you want to accept the shit? you see, it sounds less good.

3. Because it keeps the sites alive (which are free)

In truth, all jokes apart from cookies are used to target advertising on the sites, it seems to be a little tracked, but anyway it is, whether you accept them or not. And it keeps sites alive (including very small sites) that deserve a little money to offer you content for free. Be nice, don’t be bastards.

4. Because in real life it’s gonna be aaaaaaaaaaaa

You accept a lot of bullshit every day, that you are walked on, that your boss gives you extra work, that your crush goes out with someone other than you, that the neighbor’s dog piss on your doormat… You don’t you’re closer to that.

5. Because it’s just advertising

Cookies are just used to target your searches and, at worst, present you with products that correspond to your searches in the form of advertisements. Yes advertising is boring, I’m the first to think so, but if it’s the price to pay to consult lots of sites for free, it’s not horrible either, is it?

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6. Because your internet service provider knows exactly which sites you visit anyway

Whether you are in normal browsing or in private browsing, your Internet service provider has the full right to see all the sites you visit and can keep these results for more than a year. So good, anonymity level is not to make you offer a little sweater that you like as an ad next to an article that will ruin your freedom on the web.

7. Because if you don’t accept them I will probably lose everything

My job, my apartment, my girl, my car, my collection of pokemon cards and all the mess. Honestly, if you don’t do it for me, do it for the other editors of the site, like Pierre Galouise, this strong but misunderstood woman who drinks the tuna juice.

8. Because refusing a cookie is killing a seal

Ok, that’s not really true in the sense that the correlation between accepting cookies and the death of seals on the ice floe has never been proven, but the opposite has never actually been proven either, so my argument is admissible until proven otherwise. Probably false, but admissible.

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