Top 8 proofs that we will win the Women’s Euro

The Women’s Euro has just started in England, and we want to believe in our blues, to catch up with the shit that the guys did at Euro 2021. Here are some facts that prove that yes, the French women are going to win, then it’s up to you to trust me and bet on the matches.

1. France are among the favorites (and it’s really true for once)

And that’s part of the reason why you have to watch this Euro 2022. Corine Deacon’s daughters are ready for this competition, the players said two weeks ago that they were “ready to suffer” during their preparatory course at Clairefontaine. Yes, it announces the color.

2. Since 2019, France have only lost against the United States

That’s a pretty good sign, considering that Americans are some of the greatest soccer players in the world (one might even consider them the best). So knowing that France only lost against the United States recently, it’s still quite reassuring for the rest of the competition.

3. This time, we will have Marie-Antoinette Katoto with us

She was the big absentee from the 2019 World Cup, and we didn’t quite understand Corinne Deacon’s choice not to select her. While she was already the top scorer in the French championship at the time, Corinne Deacon felt that she lacked involvement in training and that she had not been present during major meetings ( especially in the Champions League). It’s not so much the case this season, Marie-Antoinette Katoto was voted best player in D1 this year, and with her 18 goals with PSG, we can count on her for Euro 2022.

4. France have never won a title so it’s now or never

It would be the first title for the French women. After failing in the World Cup against the United States in the quarter-finals in 2019, and after also still failing in the quarter-finals against England at the last edition of the Euro in 2017, we can hope that this this time the French go further… in any case we would like.

5. Because the French will finally pass the quarter-finals

As you could see in the previous point, the French have a little problem with the quarter-finals. At the Euro they never went further than this step. But there we believe in it, it’s impossible to always stay stuck at the same level, it didn’t work at Euro 2017, it didn’t work at the 2019 World Cup so it will necessarily work at Euro 2022 (yes my explanation is flawed, but it doesn’t matter, I want to).

6. Italy is in our group for the knockout stages and right now Italy is cursed

The group stage squad is made up of Italy, Belgium and Iceland, countries that are all lower than us in the Fifa rankings. Ok that doesn’t mean anything, but it’s still an argument. And then remember that when it comes to football, the Italians are quite cursed at the moment: the men have not qualified for the World Cup twice in a row and they took a huge 3-0 against Argentina during of the Finalissima 3 weeks ago. Ok it’s the men’s team, so it’s not really an argument, but still, it’s something to think about.

7. The French have won their last 10 games

They even beat the Brazilians 2-1 on February 19 in a friendly match, so we can imagine that they will continue like this, there is no reason to believe otherwise.

8. The French are ranked in the top 10 women’s Fifa

They are even third, behind the United States (1st) and Sweden (2nd). Knowing that the latest news, the United States are not part of Europe, that means that Sweden is the only European country ranked ahead of France (yes, I have a very good spirit of deduction). Once again, it’s only a ranking and we know that we can have enormous reversals of situations during matches, but it still gives a little confidence.

So do you believe it now too?

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