Top 8 proofs that French cinema is super feminist

The cinema is really a bunch of good girls who fuck old white and rich guys. If you disagree with this statement, you are correct. Because cinema is certainly not just that, and more and more women are writing and directing films, inventing constructed female roles and undermining all the sexist clichés conveyed by Hollywood for too long and that French cinema does not fail to take over.

1. The front page of the French film which is really inclusive

Too fan of this One which has caused a slight scandal in recent days. Must say that talking about the future of French cinema by only fucking white men was already not great, but in addition to title the front page with the name of a party that gave us the sheaf last year there was enough to be completed. Admittedly, Le Film Français has apologized, but we are entitled to wonder how such coverage could have been validated.

2. Roman Polanski’s 12 César nominations

It was not so long ago and it showed that we were not yet fully developed on the post-metoo era. In the end, very fortunately, we will remember more the departure of Adèle Haenel from this dusty ceremony which did not mess up its provocation.

3. …as well as his Cesar for Best Director

A choice all the more deplorable that the film is really rotten.

4. The correct outfits required at the Cannes Film Festival

If the cocktail dress is in order and it is claimed that heels are not obligatory it is not so easy to climb the steps of the red carpet without wearing eight meter heels when you are a girl. After a few rants, however, we can recognize that wearing flat heels no longer shocks the festival organizers as much.

5. This symposium on the future of cinema with only old and white guys

Overall, the future of cinema seems to pass without any problem for women (even if in 2019, 40% of the first films made on French territory were by women).

6. Age differences in movie couples are a wee bit overdone

As evidenced by this funny top on the age differences of couples in the cinema, we certainly talk about cinema in general, but don’t worry French cinema is no exception to the rule of couples made up of old guys and 30-something girls. years younger than them.

8. Women over 50: major absentees from French cinema

At the movies you’re either a pretty young girl, or a young mother, or a lover of character (= you’re forty years old) then there’s a huge gap of 20 years. You can only come back on stage to play moms, retired chicks, bitter old ladies. A bit of a shame, isn’t it?

Fortunately, things are changing and despite these bleak signals, however, we have a tendency to go for the better.

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