Top 8 places in the world that should not be visited alone

If you like to travel and have a taste for adventure there are thousands of places to visit to discover the beauties that the world abounds. And then there are also frankly dangerous, scary or simply too isolated places in which you should not walk alone for safety reasons. We’ll go over a few stories that you don’t end up lost deep in a forest of anguish alone against jaguars or bears. Or worse, jaguours, a rare and dangerous animal.

1. Guatemala City – the haunt of thieves

While the city can be interesting and beautiful to visit in a group, it is often the target of many snatching and armed robberies, which is not the definition of a good holiday. As much as several people can be fine, but solo you make a prime target for thieves.

2. The Anapurna trek – rugged terrain

One of the most beautiful treks in the world is located in this region which connects the Himalayas to Nepal. However, it would be a great bullshit to try to venture there alone because already we do not do a solo trek in such a place but in addition the path can be risky. Better is a good walk in the Ardennes (outside the hunting season of course).

3. Glacier National Park – Bear Territory

If you’re hiking in Montana, which can be nice because it’s beautiful, completely avoid going for a walk alone in some parts of Glacier National Park, because it’s literally black bear territory and grizzlies, animals that are beautiful but aren’t here for sightseeing and don’t want to be on your Instagram.

4. The suicide forest in Japan – a place where you can quickly get lost

The forest of Aokigahara is known for morbid reasons, since the corpses of people who have committed suicide are quite often discovered there. But besides that it is also known to be dense and it is difficult to find your way around. So you could get lost and spend the night alone in a forest where hundreds of people have died. This is probably not what you want for your vacation.

5. The outback or the Australian bush – isolated and deserted lands

There is no real legislation in force in this part of the country and overall it is not advisable to venture there like that. Getting there by car requires spare wheels, extra gas, plenty of water, detailed maps, telling someone and taking a host of other precautions. In a group or with a guide why not, but never alone.” cc=” url=”630px australian bush02

6. Jog Falls – monsoon or surprise rains

Already you could meet animals that are not necessarily friendly in this Indian forest, but it is especially the water that you have to be wary of. It is not recommended to walk there during the monsoon, but not only, this place can quickly become dangerous when it rains a lot and can take even the most seasoned hikers by surprise.

7. Dubai desert – jerry can of petrol and bottle of water

If there are organized getaways to do in the Dubai desert, it is better not to go alone with your small rental car. Even in an organized group you have to make sure you have jerry cans of petrol, bottles of water and food, so alone in a Clio it’s not even worth it.

8. Pripyat – The ancient city on the edge of Chernobyl

For obvious reasons of radiation it is not advisable to travel alone or accompanied in this area. There are a lot of things you don’t know about Chernobyl but I hope you at least know that it’s dangerous to go there like that for tourism.

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