Top 8 people who were killed by their own trap, they are really not good

Do you know the proverb “He is taken who thought he was taking”? Apparently, a lot of people knowingly ignored this diction which turned into a threat. Whether it’s trying to secure their home or wanting to hurt people, there are quite a few people who have built traps that have backfired. And to think that there are people who don’t believe in karma.

1. Daniel Ricketts, the guy who wanted to protect his cam

To protect his illegal marijuana plantation, a fifty-year-old American had a funny idea. He installed a steel piano wire between two plans of cannabis to decapitate those who would approach too close, whether curious, mafia, or police. One day, Ricketts was drunk and surely forgot the existence of this rope since he arrived straight on it with his quad and had his head cut off (or almost).

2. Louis Dethy, the one who got what he deserved

In 2002, Louis Dethy’s neighbors called the police after hearing an explosion and the body of the Belgian retiree was found dead with a bullet in the back of the neck. The bullet came out of a device in the wall and while searching the room, the police realized that the whole house was trapped. In all, there were 20 traps meant for his children. Following an argument, Louis Dethy was angry with his family and obviously wanted his children to die while emptying his house after his death. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and the deminers were able to defuse all of the deadly traps.

3. The Collyer brothers, the men who lived in isolation

It’s the story of two brothers who lived in Harlem in the 1940s. They lived in seclusion; hardly ever went out and saw no one. Who knows why, the Collyer brothers built a bunch of super dangerous traps in their house and one day, the youngest of the brothers died in the collapse of a trapped tunnel in the house. The other brother, blind and dependent, did not move and starved to death alone at home. Too weird.

4. Ronald Cyr, the slightly freaked-out American

In 2019, an American called for help after being shot. Despite the intervention of firefighters, the man died in hospital and it was discovered that no one had shot him: the bullet came from a device with a gun that Ronald Cyr had installed himself. The gun was installed in front of the front door so that anyone trying to break into his house could be shot. Even him apparently.

5. The guy who wanted to make a bomb (and was a little too successful)

In 2017, an explosion is heard in an Arizona town. The noise comes from an uninhabited house where a homemade bomb exploded. The man who was injured was not in fact targeted by the bomb, he had made it himself. This big boloss didn’t think it was going to explode in his face apparently.

6. Julius Jackson, a really clumsy guy

In 1986, several police officers arrive at the scene of a shooting in Texas (surprisingly). In front of his house, they discover Julius Jackson shot and wounded; the latter tells them not to enter his house because the house is trapped. Jackson had decided to set traps with guns in all the rooms of his house because he had been robbed more than 10 times in 5 years. Maybe it wasn’t worth installing such dangerous stuff.

7. Ernest Michelberger, the old gentleman cut in half

In 2015, a body was found cut in half in a house that looked like a real crime scene. No doubt seems to be allowed, it is necessarily a murder. Except no, Michelberger had actually trapped the entrance to his house with a chainsaw hooked to a pulley with a lever and fell victim to his own trap. There are really weird people.

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