Top 8 people who managed to embed themselves in incredible places, they are strong

Hitting the encrust is an art that combines nerve, perseverance, taste for risk, strategy, cunning and reflection. Just that ! If some are too big sissies to try anything (like me hihihi), others push the limits of the inlay at its peak. Respect, guys.

1. A YouTuber joined the 2022 Ballon d’Or ceremony

A big blow, which still required a lot (a lot) (really a lot) of patience, since he spent… 24 hours hidden in the toilets of the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris. He was tricky, passing off the water as HS. 24 hours, in toilets, waiting. Frankly… He deserved to attend the ceremony. Well done, Roman! (Even if it freaks out a bit about possible security vulnerabilities.)

2. … The same Youtubers, who are embedded in the Orelsan concert, on the VIP side

And before that, they had also crashed at the Cannes festival or at the Vald concert. Yeah, overall… They’re embedded everywhere, what! These two are strong.

3. Marie infiltrates who embeds herself… everywhere

Chanel fashion show, Etam fashion show, César stage,… Marie s’infiltrates is aptly named since she hits the inlay absolutely everywhere! It’s often embarrassing, but she has the merit of getting there. Good game.

4. An English YouTuber crashed Fashion Week, pretending to be a model

“Ridicule does not kill”: at fashion week, it even makes you famous! By dressing just about anyhow and playing the top model, Max not only had access to fashion week: he also drove photographers and onlookers crazy. The right valve that takes a lot more than expected.

5. Rémi Gaillard who crashed into the final of the 2002 French Cup

While he does not even have the right jersey, Rémi Gaillard manages to brave the security barriers, to enter the field like nothing, to slip into the middle of the players, to shake hands with THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, to lift the cup, wave to the crowd, take a lap of honor, and even to be interviewed by journalists as if he were a player. The icing on the cake: the supporters come to ask for his autographs. Really the best, Rémi.

6. … Or who hits a ball with Yanick Noah

This guy is strong. In 2001, Yannick Noah and Henri Leconte, famous and recognized tennis players at the beginning of the century, faced each other in an exhibition match at Palavas les Flots. Finally… That was what was announced. No one expected a Yannick Noah & Rémi Gaillard VS Henri Leconte.

7. Manuel Valls taps the incrust every day that God makes

He appeared in the front row of the Champ-de-Mars, next to Macron’s relatives, during the victory of the presidential candidate in April 2022, invited himself (really without being asked) on the set of “Midi en France”, attempted an inlay with the status of “Mayor of Barcelona”,… In short, he does not care so much everywhere that we were able to make a top 10 of the times Manuel Valls hit the inlay, Rémi Gaillard just have to behave yourself!

Valls booba

8. The Breton flag, in all the places where you don’t expect it

Regardless of the events, sporting events or big concerts, there is always at least one Breton flag that invites itself and attracts the cameras. We don’t know how they manage to enter everywhere without a ticket, but honestly, these flags are badass!!

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