Top 8 People Who Got Fired For Good Deeds

Morality dictates that good people should be rewarded and bad people should be punished. It is, after all, the most logical thing. But the world is neither moral nor logical, so very often it is those who do good deeds who take the brunt of it. Full mouth. Full face. The proof with stories of people who were fired like messy when they had done nice things.

1. A bus driver was fired for dropping children off at their house

Normally, bus drivers must respect stops imposed by their company. But, in Haute-Vienne, a driver decided to drop off some children right in front of their house to save them a dangerous walk in the dark. It didn’t even change the route of the bus, but the guy still got fired by his employer. Totally abused.

2. A Super U employee was fired for collecting pizzas that were going to be thrown away.

Fighting against food waste, personally I have always been told that it was good. So recovering pizzas which, in any case, were going to end up in the trash, I don’t think that’s so bad. Yet this is what cost his job to an employee, dismissed for “serious misconduct”. The store prefers to throw food in the trash rather than let its employees eat for free. It’s stupid, mean and selfish at the same time. It’s strong.

3. A Goodwill employee was fired for reporting his manager who was scheming

The woman, who was responsible for human resources in the non-profit organization, had denounced her superior in charge of donations. Indeed, the guy collected the donations sent to the association and resold them on Ebay. Basically, he was making money off the back of the association, which is the most immoral thing. And yet, in this story, it is the whistleblower who ended up getting fired because the CEO preferred to defend the schemer. It smells good of injustice, huh?

4. A Véolia employee was fired for denouncing embezzlement

In the 2000s, Jean-Luc Touly, a unionized employee of Véolia, played the whistleblower by denouncing the strange evaporation of funds intended to renovate pipes. His company did not like it, fired him and sued him, but the Justice ended up invalidating all that and giving his job back to Jean-Luc Touly. You see, when there’s real Justice, it’s immediately more fun.

5. A worker from a transport company was fired for fighting for good working conditions

The company Transdev, which is a French bus transport group, dismissed Laurent, a controller who had actively participated in strikes to improve the working conditions of his colleagues. If we start doing that, the right to strike loses a little bit of its interest. A tiny bit.

6. An employee was fired for being “too nice” to his teams

The guy worked in a hardware store in Réunion for 20 years until that day in 2009 when he was fired for “gross negligence” because he was “too nice to his team”. Behind that, there was probably a will of the store manager to fire several employees who had seniority, but the reason given is still totally stupid.

7. Another manager was also fired for being too nice

In 2013, the director of a heating equipment maintenance company was fired by his box because he was “too close to his teams”. And “too close” doesn’t mean he slipped his hand into their underwear without their consent, no, it just means he was nice to them. So basically, a good manager would have been an asshole who scares his teams, not a warm and nice guy. The hell of the working world.

8. A Lidl manager was fired because he gave his employees fruit that was going to be thrown away

The fruit was going to go in the trash because it was starting to look bad, so the guy wasn’t doing anything wrong, but his superiors thought he was hurting the business and fired him. This kind of injustice makes me want to collect lots of spoiled fruit to make jam. Then eat them.

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