Top 8 people who do good deeds and who are still a bit stupid

“Too good, too dumb! It’s not me who says it, huh, it’s the adage. And it’s not completely false, you have to admit… Frankly, to choose, if you find a lot of money in the street, you move heaven and earth to find its owner, and stay true to your principles, or you keep the money to treat yourself a little? Personally, I have no principle, so the question is quickly answered.

1. A couple found 20,000 bullets and returned them.

A few weeks before Christmas 2022, an old man lost, in a parking lot, an envelope in which there was some money: 20,000 Swiss francs (about 20,300 euros). According to the police statement, he had just withdrawn this large sum from a distributor in Martigny. It was a couple who found the bundle, and who went to the old man’s home to give him his money, the address and the account statement of the owner being in the envelope! To thank them, he offered 500 euros to the couple. Nice. But in real life… 20,000 balls found in a parking lot… A few days before Christmas… I know one who would have considered this a gift from Santa Claus…

2. A man fished out a ring worth $40,000 and found its owner.

Joseph Cook used to walk the beach of Sainte Augustine (Florida), accompanied by his metal detector. In October 2022, he found a ring, estimated by a jeweler at $40,000. And there, any normal person would jump for joy, immediately sell the mess and buy a new small car! Well… Not Joseph. He appealed to the community on the networks, found its owner, and returned the ring to him. That’s what he does every time. In 2022, he returned almost $60,000 worth of goods. Too good, too cool… much less rich than he could.

3. A man wanted to help a broken down motorist, and ended up at the police station

On the night of Wednesday October 12, 2022, a man (whom we will call “Tim”) saw a broken down motorist on a boulevard in Nice. He decides to stop to help her. A few minutes later, the police arrive and decide to check the vehicle. SURPRISE: it’s a stolen car. Poor old Tim, who stopped to help a stranger in the middle of the night, found himself picked up by the police. Fortunately, he was quickly cleared! Moral: at 3am, we just go home to sleep.

4. A man found 150,000 euros in a second-hand kitchen and took it to the police

Well sir? You bought a second-hand kitchen, in the drawer, there was a lot of gold coins, and you now have enough to pay for 70 other kitchens: so much the better! Keep them ! Ah… Too late? You brought them back to the police, and they thanked you and left you 3% of the sum? Well… It’s better than nothing, but it’s a lot worse than 150,000 bullets.


5. In Poitiers, a free shop has opened for the poorest

In concept, it’s great! It allows the poorest to access goods for free, and others to make ecological efforts. But if we’re talking about the economic model… Ah well, it might be complicated, all the same! I haven’t done a lot of studies, but enough to say that 0 euros of income + expenses = hole in the bank account.

6. A guy gives Haribo a big thumbs up, and was thanked with some candy

A 38-year-old German came across a check for 4,631,538.80 euros in the streets of Frankfurt. The check, issued by the Rewe supermarket group, was payable to Haribo. At the request of the confectioner, he destroyed the check. It is said that “Good deed always pays off!” “, but not at Haribo. Over there, it’s more like “Good deed always has six packets of candy! “. Yeah, that’s all he got. A bit stingy, though. Haribo life is beautiful, when we help you we bullyyyyy you!

7. She got a free couch, found $36,000 in a pillow, and… gave it back!

BUT SAVE THE THUNE! WHEN IT FALLS FROM THE SKY LIKE THIS, FORGET TO BE KIND AND KIND! Go on vacation! Take the daronne to safety! I don’t know, do what you want, but keep the thuuuuuune!

She was looking to furnish her apartment cheaply, she discovered $ 36,000 buried in the cushions of a sofa given away for free on a classifieds site

Posted by The Midi Dispatch on Thursday, June 2, 2022

8. A boss bought 50,000 lotto tickets for his employees.

At that time, the jackpot was 820 million euros. If one of the 50,000 tickets was a winner, then the sum would be divided between all the employees (7000 euros each). Ah well, that’s very nice, but for the price of a ticket, we really hope that they have won a lot of money. At least so that the hole in the finances is not too revered what. It would still be stupid to spend so much money, to only earn ten euros, what. In any case, the targeted jackpot was not won.

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