Top 8 of the strangest animal behaviors, the zinzins of the species

If we think we know everything about our animal roommates, whom we don’t hesitate to bump into (at your choice) to eat, dress or simply for the love of hunting, it turns out that in the end we don’t always have the answers to each question. We are going to see some examples of strange behaviors observed in some animals or groups of animals which have not always been explained and it is really suspicious.

1. Chimpanzees who made offerings at an altar

By observing several monkeys in Guinea, researchers have noted a strange “ritual”, some hitting tree trunks with stones and others depositing stones in the stumps as if to make an offering. If the monkeys use tools like stones in order to feed or defend themselves, it had never been observed to see them stacking them in strategic places for no apparent reason, as if they had created a cult. Probably geology monkeys if you ask me.

2. The sheep that go around in circles without us understanding why

Quite inexplicably a herd of sheep began to turn in circles continuously in a sheepfold in China. They show no signs that would suggest they are in poor health, which excludes listeriosis which can cause similar effects but usually kills the animals within two days when the animals have been staying in the same place for almost two weeks. place to turn constantly. Personally I think it’s a kind of mutton fair, but we’ll have to see if we find the real reason.

3. The two monkeys who killed over 250 dogs

Without anyone understanding why, for a long time, monkeys in a village in India captured puppies and abandoned them on rooftops or threw them from the top of cliffs, killing more than 250 dogs in the area. There’s a theory that the two killer monkeys started killing dogs after one of them killed a baby monkey, so it’s a dark revenge story, but there’s no evidence that this theory is true. In the meantime, we have captured the two monkeys and obviously things are going better for the dogs in the area.

4. The bridge where more than 600 dogs have jumped

In Scotland, the Overtoun Bridge doesn’t seem to bode badly, it’s just a normal stone bridge. However, it has been the scene of more than 600 dog suicide attempts, all of which have jumped on the same side of the bridge. If more than fifty succumbed to their fall, the others would have escaped, but that’s still a hell of a number of dogs jumping into the void. No one can really explain the phenomenon but a professor thinks that the sound of water and the smell of aquatic plants could make animals want to jump, in other words he has no idea why.

5. Monkeys fighting gang wars in Indonesia

If we already knew the thieving monkeys who organize themselves to pick up the belongings of tourists and give them back in exchange for compensation, we hear less about gangs of monkeys who engage in large-scale fights in the streets of countries like Thailand. or Indonesia. If even the monkeys start having gang wars it gets scary.

6. Chimpanzees dancing in the rain and in front of the fires

Seeing chimpanzees dancing in the rain has been observed several times before, as if they were finally enjoying a good shower. However, a stranger behavior has been observed: doing the same kind of dance in front of a fire. One group was observed to have a fascination with fire, to observe the progress of a fire while standing at a safe distance as well as “dancing” movements already observed in other circumstances.

7. The elephant that killed a resident and came back to trample her grave

If elephants are generally peaceful animals and only show signs of violence to defend themselves, this story had everything to suggest the opposite. It was in India that a 70-year-old resident was fatally attacked by an elephant which, not content with having killed its target, subsequently came to trample on her grave to put on a layer. Some argue that the woman could have been violent towards the animal during her lifetime and that it would be a form of revenge, others that human dwellings are taking up more and more space on the territory of these animals, but we have no certainty about the explanation of this story.

Are elephants able to remember and take revenge for an act of mistreatment suffered many years ago? This is what this recent accident suggests.

Posted by Trust My Science on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

8. The chimpanzees who organized the murder of a gorilla

It was quite strange news when it came out, chimpanzees had obviously organized to kill a gorilla. If in everyday life these two species coexist rather well, it would be the first “in living memory” that such an act is recorded. Two attacks by a band of chimpanzees on families of gorillas killed two people (two babies) and scientists still see no real explanation for this attack other than gratuitous violence.

630px composite image of male chimpanzee %28left%29 and male bonobo %28right%29 %28cc by version%29
Credits photo (CC BY 4.0) : Rennett Stowe (chimpanzee image) and Flickr user Marie van Dieren (bonobo image), respectively

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