Top 8 of the most unusual celebrity funerals, when you celebrate with too much style

Death frankly, it’s not phew. Unless you’re one of the people who died on their birthday. Well, it’s still not phew but it’s still more stylish than the dumbest deaths in history. Failing to have a beast of death, some stars have decided to have a funeral worthy of the name. It would almost feel like it.

1. Carrie Fisher’s ashes lie in a giant antidepressant pill

Incredible Until the End Carrie Fisher, whose funeral was held at the same time as that of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, in Hollywood on January 6, 2017. The ashes of the actress indeed rest in an urn in the shape of Prozac , an antidepressant that she used to combat her bipolar disorder. The interpreter of Princess Leia in Star Wars had bought this giant pill a few years before and in memory of his person, the brother and the daughter of Carrie Fisher decided to put his ashes there.

2. Tupac’s ashes were smoked in a fat joint

The late rapper Tupac disappeared on September 13, 1996, murdered, leaving behind the members of his former group The Outlawz. So far, everything is pretty much normal. But years later, in 2011, two of the band members revealed that they mixed the rapper’s ashes with weed and smoked the mixture on a beach while eating chicken wings to pay their respects. This act would come straight from the lyrics of the rapper in “Black Jesuz” part of which said: “When I’m cremated, smoke my ashes, that’s my last wish. » If Tupac’s mother denied having participated in this “tribute”, she admitted that the rapper’s friends had been able to steal the ashes from the family for their ritual. Nice atmosphere.

3. James Doohan’s ashes traveled to space

The interpreter of Scooty in Star Trek can boast of having had a more than cool funeral. In his will, he had indeed asked to be buried in space. To respect his wish, his family therefore appealed to a specialized company after the death of the actor from pneumonia in 2005.

A first part of the ashes had been sent on board a rocket in 2007 before returning a year later. In 2008, another part of the ashes had been placed on board a second rocket, but these ashes were lost following the crash of the rocket in the Pacific Ocean. So Doohan’s wish wasn’t really granted. However, in December 2020, the actor’s family revealed that the actor’s ashes were in fact in the International Space Station, brought by British video game developer Richard Garriott. A subtle plan mounted in the nose of NASA.

4. Hunter S. Thompson had his ashes fired from a cannon

So yes, Hunter S. Thompson is a little less of a star in France than in the United States, but know that in the States, the funeral of this journalist and writer, father of gonzo journalism (and incidentally author of the novel las vegas parano) caused a stir. Thanks to the donation of three million dollars from his friend Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson was able to have a beautiful end: his ashes were fired by a cannon in the shape of a fist clutching a plant. Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray or even Sean Penn attended this resounding funeral (it is the case to say it).

5. Filmmakers filmed and used footage of Bruce Lee in his coffin for The Game of Death

As he turned in The Game of Death, Bruce Lee succumbed in 1973 to cerebral edema following his administration of medication against headaches. But at the time, the film is not finished and the film crew is very annoyed. So quietly, the directors said to themselves that it would be a good idea to complete this film with images of Bruce Lee’s funeral and the dead man in his coffin. A very nice moment as you can imagine.

6. James Brown’s funeral took place three times and was spectacular

While the soul/funk singer’s funeral took a long time to take place (they were indeed postponed three times due to family feuds), they were quite grand. The funeral of the musician took place in three times and a part took place at The Apollo Theater, a very famous room in Manhattan. Before arriving at the scene, James Brown’s coffin was pulled through the streets by a horse-drawn carriage. And to make the funeral even more spectacular, the musician changed his costume in the middle (well, not him alone, that would be weird, people helped him of course).

7. Jimmy Dean’s body was placed in a piano-shaped mausoleum

The country singer and actor didn’t do things in a minimalistic version. Just before his death in 2010, he had indeed requested that his body be buried in a piano-shaped mausoleum. After all why not. Jimmy Dean also had “Here lies a man from hell.” on his piano.

8. The location of Genghis Khan’s tomb has never been revealed

Yeah, okay, we’re not talking about a reality star here at all. But it is interesting to see all the devices put in place by Genghis Khan and his relatives so that his resting place is never revealed. The guy got pissed off a bit. After his fatal fall from a horse in 1226, the emperor, or rather his body, was repatriated to Mongolia. But to keep the route secret, the funeral procession kills all the witnesses they meet on their way. Once the tomb is erected, the funeral team commits suicide to take their secret with them.

Legend has it that horses were used to trample the burial to make it unnoticed and that a river was diverted to make access nearly impossible. Even today, permission is required to travel to the mountains where Genghis Khan is believed to be buried. They would not do a little too much anyway?

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