Top 8 of the most stupid miscellaneous facts arrived at the toll, you had to keep the ticket

The toll is a little bit the worst place on the motorways: there are people, you queue, you pay and it stinks of pollution, except in the most beautiful tolls in France. That’s why there are some rather scabrous miscellaneous things happening there. We invite you to see some of them.

1. He drives in a stolen vehicle, causes an accident and flees on foot at the Saint-Arnoult toll

Full card for this motorist who ticked all the bullshit boxes to do at a toll: a stolen car, a dangerous overtaking, an accident, a flight on foot, a pursuit with the gendarmerie… Difficult to do better, unless s stop to shit on the way.

The motorist in his twenties had made a dangerous overtaking and caused a collision at the toll of Saint-Arnoult

Posted by The Parisian on Monday, June 6, 2022

2. Landes: they cannot pay the toll, the police find 16 kilos of drugs in their car

The thing to check when you want to smuggle drugs on the highway is to have the extra for the toll, because it would be stupid to get arrested for that, like these two dealers for example.

3. Toll of the boulou: they search the van and find four live alligators

Smuggling drugs is a bit overrated now, whereas alligators are classy and above all it gives a little boost to the work of customs officers who are a little tired of always dealing with coke bags at the con. There at least there is challenge and novelty.

4. Not finding the toll exit, he travels several tens of kilometers in the opposite direction

It may seem completely stupid but in real life sometimes it’s super dark and you can’t see the exit well, so you can understand that the reflex is to turn around. On the highway.

Nah, it’s really stupid, you’re right.

5. Without a permit, he forces six toll gates in the Var before being arrested

Forcing a toll barrier is not recommended but hey, we can put it down to error or haste. On the other hand, forcing six barriers is starting to be a bit too much, don’t you think?

6. Dordogne: five men arrested after dismantling toll gates

What could be better than crashing into toll gates to destroy them? Directly take them apart to steal them. It was the idea of ​​five hooded guys at a tollbooth in the Dordogne, because apparently tollgates are a collector’s item.

7. A woman arrested after cheating the toll… 449 times

There I must say that the feat is beautiful, 449 times that’s a very good score. The boring thing on the other hand is to be grilled at the 450th time, it was almost a round count. Too bad, there was a nice record to win.

The 30-year-old, who suffers from serious addiction problems, has used various techniques to avoid paying for the motorway, reports “Le Dauphiné Libéré”.

Posted by Point on Saturday, March 27, 2021

8. Arrested by the gendarmes with a cannabis plate on the A77 motorway, he defends himself by saying “it was for a friend”

Frankly, we should teach excuses in drug dealer schools, because there it wasn’t even credible to avoid a sentence. It’s as if I stole a horse from a stable and said to the police “no, but don’t worry, it’s for my little cousin, she goes horse riding”. Completely con.

The Nièvre gendarmes arrested a man traveling with 100.4 g of cannabis in his vehicle at the Myennes toll on Friday, April 29. He is summoned to court.

Posted by The Journal of the Center on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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