Top 8 mistakes not to make with your shoes, let’s stop living a lie

This morning again I got up, I took my shower, I brushed my teeth, I had my breakfast, I got dressed (yeah I get dressed very late, it’s because I have an opposite -live with the neighbors and a strong tropism for the exhibition), I put on the same shoes as yesterday and I went to work before remembering that I have no job and that the day stops there for me. Well if this morning routine seems relevant to you, know that I slipped a serious mistake regarding shoes. You’ll see, we live in a really crazy society.

1. Wearing the same shoes two days in a row

We avoid first for the simple respect of your shoes. Yes, because these little beasts take it out on their faces by frequenting your stinky feet for a whole day. In order to preserve them for a long time, it is therefore strongly recommended to let them rest. In addition, it is also advisable to wear different shoes from day to day so as not to accustom your feet to the same shape.

Parents vs chaussures

2. Let your heels slowly die

When you wear heels you have to deserve it and therefore know how to maintain them. As soon as you detect the beginnings of a heel decline (tell me if I’m overdoing it), rush to the shoemaker before it’s too late. A smashed heel can never be put back on its feet and you will then have to mourn those Louboutin stilettos which have gone from 15 cm to 2 cm because of your denial. The same goes for the end of the shoes which is also unfairly despised by the community of shoe wearers (terrible, this community).

3. Store them in an unventilated place

At this stage of the top you begin to sense that your shoes need to breathe. It is therefore necessary to avoid as much as possible to pile them up in a closed cupboard which risks showing traces of mold.

4. Wearing shoes you don’t feel good in

So yes it’s weird I grant you but there are many people who wear very stylish shoes (or not at all, it’s a matter of taste) but not comfortable for a penny. Well forget the style my little fillies, you will shoot your back, hips, feet and your shoes themselves in fine.

5. Never clean them

Your shoes are also entitled to a little hygiene. No need to brush them every day, but a little polish from time to time can only do them good and lengthen their life expectancy.

6. Wear pointed shoes AND heels

Well overall you can imagine it: heels are really not enough for all that is back pain and good bone health. But hey, since we already smoke big stems and drink 17 pints a day, we’re not quite there when it comes to our health. So if you want to live the fast life with your 27 cm heels, we can only advise you to avoid adding a pointed shape that will finish off your toes.

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7. Throw them away rather than fix them

Hey, have you heard of waste? Already we consume too many clothes (read our hair-raising article on fast fashion), it is completely absurd-dumb-asshole to throw away shoes rather than entrusting them to a professional who will cost you less than a new pair of pumps. Don’t do your jackals.

8. Try your shoes on a carpet

Some shoe stores have the audacity to have carpets for aesthetic reasons. BIG MISTAKE. But damn good marketing idea. Indeed, walking on a carpet gives the erroneous impression of having a more flexible sole. While it’s not even true, you’ve been lied to from the start, the sole is made of reinforced concrete.

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