Top 8 mistakes not to make with rice, a food full of dangers

Already we’ve never been given the chance to make the difference between Thai rice, basmati rice, pilaf, round rice, sushi rice, or Camarague rice, now he’s going to have to do watch out not to do bullshit with this starchy food! It sounds simple said like that, but I swear to you that cooking rice correctly is ultimately not within everyone’s reach!

1. Not rinsing it out

Clearly, no one takes the time to rinse their rice before cooking it. Big mistake! First, it removes dust, impurities, and excess starch that makes the rice sticky. But that’s not all ! According to Professor Andy Meharg of Queens University in an interview for Oh My Mag, it is necessary to soak it overnight! Yes yes. The reason: rice contains arsenic (but no????) and this method eliminates 80% of its presence. I don’t know about you, but this argument convinced me.

2. Not measuring quantities

We’re going to come back to this completely crazy story of arsenic, but in real life, did you know that?? In fact, the roots of the plant that gives rice soak in the water of the rice fields. The latter are saturated with pesticides. No luck: the rice fixes this poison particularly well and retains a good part, even after cooking! In the long run, this semi-metal can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even trigger certain cancers. IN SHORT, IT’S NOT COOL. In addition to letting your rice soak, Andy Meharg also advises cooking it in 5 times in its volume of water.

3. Heat it in the microwave

Microwave your rice = risk of food poisoning! According to a study published by the International Journal of Food Biology, when starch is cooked, it contains Bacillus cereus bacteria. If the micro-organism does not withstand microwaves, it can produce toxic spores which withstand very high heat. According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, when rice is microwaved and then left at room temperature, these spores multiply and can lead to poisoning.

4. Add cold water while cooking

The story of my life: putting rice to cook, realizing in the middle of cooking that I had forced the dose of rice a little too much and not enough on the water, and adding a small glass neither seen nor known. REDFLAG! That’s exactly why my rice is always unedible. By adding cold water, the temperature drops (logically) and the cooking cycle is broken. Result: the rice does not swell enough, and its texture is really poor. WHERE IS THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPERLY DOSE YOUR GRAINS.

5. Bake it too long

Another possibility for the moldy texture of your dish: overcooking. If you tend to forget it on the heat, don’t be surprised that it’s all pasty, sticky, sticky. It’s not crazy, but in addition: overcooking the rice increases its glycemic index! Double trouble. Put a timer, it’s safer (and quite simple).

Parents vs riziere2

6. Not using lids

Who is team “I don’t put a lid on because afterwards it overflows and it rots my plates” (yes, that’s a long enough name for a team)? Oh, how I understand you… And yet, it is really essential to put one in to obtain a fluffy and tasty rice as you wish! Indeed, it limits evaporation and thus makes it possible to maintain a good ratio quantity of water/dose of rice. Which undeniably saves us from coming back to point 4.

Top gens cuisine bordelique
Picture credits: Topito

7. Don’t let the rice sit

And stir it in pistachio cash after cooking. By doing this, you risk making it sticky. So no, it’s not super serious, it’s just sucks. Once the fire is out, it is best to let it rest WITH ITS LID. Thanks to the heat and the steam, it will slowly continue to swell, and the grains will come off on their own. Yum yum.

8. Overeating

So, as much as we all know that over-consuming the same food is never good, so much… Who knew that too much rice can be fatal??? Again the fault of this fucking arsenic which increases cardiovascular risks. Rice, yes, but in moderation. Please.

Moral: make pasta. It’s better, much less bland and much less boring. In addition, for the handsomest among us, there are even penis-shaped ones! Have you ever seen rice in the shape of a teub (rice kiki hihihih), have you? I don’t believe naaaan.

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