Top 8 last meals of famous death row inmates, great food

This is a good introduction to discussing with people you don’t know but who are too lazy to ask what they do for a living: what would your last death sentence be like? Admittedly, it is a bit morbid. And if we are not particularly focused on food, perhaps we do not have much to say on the subject. But hey listen, it’s not my fault if you don’t have a conversation after a while. In the meantime, here are the Death Row meals that will make your mouth water.

1. Adolf Eichmann: the redeeming wine

As his first name suggests, Adolf Eichmann was more of the Nazi type. A senior official of the 3rd Reich (the most trendy Reich), he made a significant contribution to the logistical structure of the “final solution”. In short, a nice guy. A smart guy who had the good taste to escape the Nuremberg trials. But that was counting without the Mossad agents who captured him in 1960 in Buenos Aires (no kidding!) While he was hiding under the name Ricardo Klement. Exfiltrated in Israel, he was sentenced to death in 62. But his detention during his trial was not easy, we wanted at all costs that he avoids suicide (otherwise, it’s not funny), and we even went so far as to taste his meals to verify that they were not poisoned.

Under these conditions, the SS, less lenient than his new name would lead you to believe, refused the offer of a last meal and just drank a bottle of Carmel (an Israeli wine), well only half, certainly because ‘he wanted to avoid a big gdb.

2. John Wayne Gacy: KFC passion

John Wayne Gacy no longer presented (known for his great career as a serial killer clown) is sentenced to death at the age of 52. Must say that he had a sacred record of skills at the rate of 33 murders and multiple rapes. But the man, always in search of creativity, found the opportunity on death row to start painting (which makes him enter the pantheon of serial killer painters, as you can see below).

Still, for his last meal, the John Wayne of death ordered a typical KFC menu (uh great free advertising!) Made from fried chicken, shrimp fritters, fries and strawberries (to keep the line).

3. Tookie Williams: “Eat Your Dead”

Stanley Williams, known as “Tookie” was a member of a not very sympathetic gang: the Crips, which raged in Los Angeles in the late 60s. Guilty of having murdered 4 people, he was sentenced to death in 79 and patiently awaited his death. execution… in 2005. Even though he had become a writer and anti-gang activist, and asked for his pardon from the governor of California. Lack of pot, T-800 was much nicer in Terminator than in real life since he refused to save his life.

Vexed, “Tookie” said fuck at the last meal explaining in an interview for the New York Times: “I would have to be completely nuts to accept a meal from a house that wants to destroy me.”

4. Timothy McVeigh: snack atmosphere

There are really serial killers who have had no luck … Timothy McVeigh is definitely part of it because after having ordered a terrorist attack in Oklahoma City which claimed the lives of 168 people, he was arrested by the police for an hour later because he forgot to put a license plate on the back of his car. The dumpling as they say.

This does not prevent him from having a very infantile spirit of indulgence since he asks for mint ice cream set with chocolate chips for his last meal. Attention, 5 minutes of fun and 10 years of regiiiiiiiiiiiime!

5. Victor Feguer: the love of minimalism

Convicted of violent murder, Victor Feguer was unable to appeal and escape hanging in 1963 in Iowa… For his last meal, he wanted to make it really super simple, even downright minimalist by only asking for an olive.

And it was not the olive that we make in the playgrounds to find an excuse to touch our rectum.

I hope at least she was coreless …

6. Steven Woods: the not eco-friendly choice

Sentenced to death for having murdered a drug dealer and his wife, he went on hunger strike in 2004 to fight for the rights of prisoners. He thus became a center of interest for the philosopher Noam Chomsky and Amesty International who brought his case to the international level. His death sentence was upheld all the same and for his last meal, he did not go dead hand: two roast chickens, a triple cheeseburger, fried okra, three fajitas, a pizza with meat, half a liter mint ice cream and a caramel nougat coated with peanut butter. The worst part about it is that he didn’t touch anything. BOUJOUR THE WASTE.

7. Robert Alton Harris: the man who could have eaten a horse and his jokey

Sentenced to death by gas chamber in 92 (wow, it’s modern) for the murders of two teenagers committed in 1978, his conviction was the first in California since 1967, what luck! His last meal? I’ll give it to you as a meal: a KFC bucket of 21 pieces of fried chicken, two large Dominos pizzas, ice cream, candies, a pack of 6 cans of Pepsi, and a pack of Camel brand cigarettes. Uh, what about diabetes and cancer?

8. Ricky Ray Rector: provisions “for later”

After being accused of two murders, Ricky Ray Rector is sentenced to death by lethal injection at the age of 42. His last meal is quite classic: a steak, a fried chicken, an American cherry flavored soda, and a slice of pecan pie that he left on the side of his tray explaining to the prison officers that he kept it for himself. later. The guards were really cool, they didn’t throw out the slice of pie until the execution was in effect. This is humanity.

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