Top 8 Evidence Shein Is The Worst Invention In Human History

Hi my extreme fashionistoss. Do you like beautiful rags? Frippes not disgusting? Are you totally addicted to Vinted and impulse purchases? It is high time that we put a hola to your dramatically irresponsible behavior.

Shein, in short, is a leading Chinese brand and shopping app on the fast-fashion market and whose particularly frantic production rate is well known. Known for its plagiarism, its opaque production system and the questionable quality of its clothes, here are some things that should definitely convince you to NEVER buy Shein.

1. It’s one of the only brands that doesn’t publish anything on its production line

That’s a good reason to worry. No info on this box, we don’t know its suppliers, no transparency on production methods. The less we know, the more reason there is to doubt the merits of this enterprise.

2. Shein copies ALL brands

Obviously to produce so much it is necessary to have some sources of inspiration and Shein does not miss it. Accused of plagiarism by many brands like Levi’s or Zara (the fast-fashion brand that accuses another fast-fashion brand of using fast-fashion strategies, it’s just a little luck). Other more confidential brands are also concerned as evidenced by the hashtag #sheinstoledmydesign which has more than 6 million videos.

Recently, the Chinese giant Shein, symbol of ultra fast-fashion, was accused on social networks of copying the creations of another well-known brand: Zara

Posted by The Independent on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

3. …including the Nazi fashion lookbook

It is sure that when you copy at will without any form of reflection, you do big bullshit. Big shame on them when they released the “Swastika” necklace for €2.2.

The ready-to-wear site explained that it had highlighted the Buddhist symbol and not the Nazi cross, before apologizing for its error.

Posted by Marie-France on Friday, July 10, 2020

4. Their workers have no rights

A report by the NGO Public Eye revealed that most of Shein’s workers came from very poor provinces in China and had only one day off a month while working 12 hours a day. Nice no?

5. The composition of the clothes is uuuuultra toxic

Analyzes showed that Shein clothes were armored with disgusting chemicals. So in addition to wearing a copied, badly cut piece of clothing probably made by a modern-day slave, you are paying yourself a little poisoning with phthalates, arsenic or even lead.

7. The brand offers an average of 10,000 new products every day

Not per year. Not per month. Per day. You read correctly. A nightmare of overproduction which fully explains why the brand is so rotten on a human, ethical and qualitative level.

8. You never know how to pronounce the name of this shitty brand.

“China”? “Chiiiiine”? “Shine”? ” Take a dump ” ? We just can’t take it anymore.

We can only recommend this raw video which pretty much sums up Shein’s hell. We advise you to learn how to hold your clothes longer, it will do less harm to the planet.

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