Top 8 completely screwed up boycotts, it was a good attempt

For justified reasons or not, certain events in history have been called for boycott by unhappy people who, once again, for reasons that we can find valid or not. But it sometimes happens that the boycott does not take and that in the end it becomes a bitter failure, which we will try to see together in a few examples right away.

1. The 2022 FIFA World Cup

Despite the attempts of many people affected by ecological and human causes, the boycott of the 2022 World Cup did not take hold as the audience and market share figures reveal. In the end, we realize that the people who really boycott are the people who didn’t give a damn about football at the base (including me, who is the only one in my group of friends). Too bad, because in addition to being an ecological disaster (which pollutes his mother), human (with thousands of deaths) it is also a good lesson in anti-tolerance vis-à-vis the rights of women and LGBT+ people. It’s a beautiful sport when there’s so much money at stake.

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2. The 1936 Olympics

In 1936 committed activists had asked the American government to boycott the Olympic Games in Berlin in a Germany in the midst of the Nazi regime. Despite repeated requests from important groups and famous public figures, the government still decided to send its athletes to participate in the event because damn it, we had to show them who we were in America, and in the end the call for a boycott fell cruelly into the water. Like what the boycott and the sport it rarely works.

3. The gigantic GAFAM boycott

It was in 2018 that the American population got wind of some very sad news: the NRA (which we told you about in the tips you need to know to understand the Snowden affair) had access to personal information, supposedly private, given free of charge by the GAFAMs. The population has therefore decided to launch a big boycott: no purchase, no streaming, no trip for a whole day to make the huge corporations lose a lot of money. Except that even if the project was supported by many people it was a failure, since most of the population decided to sell their souls that day.

4. The (many) food delivery boycotts

Between the strikes of the delivery men and various boycotts of food delivery platforms, we could make a top. In Malaysia, delivery men had themselves called for a boycott to assert their rights and increase their poverty wages on the famous platforms, but at the same time others had taken their place and in the end the whole event had been a failure. . Which is a shame when you see how these companies absolutely do not cover their workers and pay them like shit while exploiting them in frankly questionable conditions.

5. Le Zevent 2022

“The year of the flop” as some haters called it, whose streamer they followed had not been invited to the edition and who called for a boycott. Many people said that the 2022 edition would never reach two-thirds of the previous year’s donation record and yet it was totally a success, but also one of the most beautiful editions as we showed you with the best moments of Zevent 2022. Clearly a failed boycott for the haters when we know that the donation level of has been exceeded yet again.

6. Germany boycotting Tom Cruise

In 1997 students had pushed for a boycott of the film Mission Impossible to harm Tom Cruise, an actor who is part of the Church of Scientology. A few years later, he was the son of the character played by the actor in Valkyrie who called for the same type of boycott, saying that a character who had spoken out against a totalitarian system like his father could not be played by an actor who was part of an “anti-democratic and totalitarian” church. Except that in both cases the boycotts were cruel failures, since in Germany they made a lot of entries. It was not for nothing that we had listed the best films without Tom Cruise, we too can boycott.

7. When Eric Cantona asked to boycott the banks

The idea is not necessarily stupid if you really want to fuck the shit up: call on everyone to withdraw their money from the banks at the same time to screw up the system, something that would really work for once. In 2010 the former footballer called for a boycott of the banks and the banking system, but despite some visible upheavals the affair was not necessarily unifying and ultimately ended in failure. Too bad because my desire to bring down the powerful remains unsatisfied to this day, but since I have no follow-up in my ideas, I will stop at nothing and complain.

8. What a top

When I was given this top subject I yelled a lot because I didn’t want to do it. I even started a hunger strike and launched a general boycott but nothing worked, I was forced to write it, which I did very badly as a sign of revolt.

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