Top 8 animals that are poisonous and we didn’t know it, those not to be adopted

I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory, but everything leads me to believe that nature is setting traps for us to get us killed as quickly as possible. It’s true what, when we see these cute animals that are not cool at all and these ridiculous animals that are super nasty, we say to ourselves that we had better stay at home to eat little chips while playing The Sims. Especially since it’s not over, there are also animals who pretend to be nice people when in fact, they are only waiting for one thing: to smash us with their venom. If you come across one of them on your way to the supermarket, run away without asking for your rest.

1. L’ornithorynque

This animal with a name as weird as its anatomy is a little vicious. Yes, because the male platypus has a poisonous sting on his hind legs, capable of killing a dog. This venom can be used as a defense tool, but also as an offensive weapon to establish its dominance during the breeding season. In short, it is better not to flirt with your girlfriend.

2. The shrew

This little animal that seems harmless to us (and a little stupid on the edges), can in fact paralyze and kill a whole bunch of small animals thanks to the venom contained in its saliva. How can you tell that mice don’t last long when shrews are around.

3. Stingray

Nothing to do with the pastaga or the manta ray, we are talking about the stingray which has a well-venerable venomous stinger, located at the base of its tail. This venom can cause extremely strong pain, even outright death, and that’s not the coolest thing in the animal kingdom.

4. The Gila Monster

Yes, well ok, I admit that it is not more surprising than that that this strange little lizard is poisonous. But we’re going to pretend we don’t have any suspicions. The Gila monster is one of only two venomous lizards in North America and its venom is transmitted by bite. While this lizard can bite very quickly and tenaciously, its venom is not fatal to humans. But yes, there is a way for it to hang on your arm for very long minutes without wanting to break.

5. Striped Catfish

Oddly enough, when someone talks to me about catfish, I immediately think of the book for learning to read at CP “Ratus et le Poisson-Chat”. Still, there’s nothing childish or cute about this type of fish, since it’s actually a big mongrel. It has poisonous stings (on each pectoral fin and on the dorsal fin) that can prove fatal to humans. So if by misfortune, one day you happen to catch one, send it back to the fleet as soon as possible.

6. The slender loris

This half-cabbage, half-creepy little monkey is also a real pervert. It hides its venom in its saliva and while one of its bites can’t be fatal to humans, it can still hurt a hell of a lot.

7. The purple cone

It’s always very nice to pick up small shells and leftover mussels to make a beautiful necklace to give to your daronne on Mother’s Day. But don’t you dare pick up that shell. He indeed has a trunk allowing him to send a dart covered with venom and capable of killing a man. So don’t try to challenge him at darts either, it could end badly.

8. European Mole

If many garden owners already hate it, the mole will surely have more enemies after the publication of this top. Yes, because it hides in its saliva a venom powerful enough to paralyze earthworms (yeah it’s phew yeah). Obviously, you are not likely to crash if you come across one, but still, protect yourself!

Well, and if not, wouldn’t you like to just invent friendly animals, with pleasant physics that don’t want to butt us? No really ??

Source : Wikipedia.

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