Top 7 videos of drunk presidential candidates, it’s not jojo

We are in the middle of the 2022 presidential elections, so it is natural that we offer you quality tops on politics. Well, we’re going to show you drunk candidates instead. Yes, we are like that, we like to talk about the things that are really important in life. Nevertheless, if you are there, it is because you also want to see Macron or Le Pen with his brains in a terrine after having descended one bucket too many. This is the kind of info you really need. The debates, all that, we’ll see another time: make way for drunkenness.

1. Jean Lasalle asking people for cheese on a plane

If “Jean Lasalle drunk” is a pleonasm – since his blood seems to be constantly composed of 90% vinasse – this video at least has the merit of showing him in an unprecedented situation. We can see the candidate going up the aisle of an airplane, collecting cheese from other passengers and kissing them on the forehead to thank them. Jeannot is easy to contact. Too easy sometimes, even.

2. Valérie Pécresse at the ENA pajama party

In 1991, Valoche made her first television appearance, and it was far from her best. Present at an evening of the ENA type pajama party, she found herself interviewed when going to bed. And what do you say to a dodgy journalist who prevents you from going to sleep off your champagne? ” I would like to sleep “, quite simply. The video isn’t really bad after all, but it stands out a lot right now because it’s still fun to make fun of presidential candidates.

3. Emmanuel Macron answering a question about the Benalla affair

Of course, we have no proof to support our claims (as in all the rest of this top, we prefer to specify it), but the hazardous speech of the President and his little perky side give some clues about his blood alcohol level. Look at that little smile when he swings his: “I am with the people, we are happy, and everything is fine”. The guy is hot to shift into a club afterwards, that’s for sure.

4. Marine Le Pen not yet awarded New Year’s Eve 2021

As she presented her wishes live for the new year, Marine Le Pen had a lot of trouble articulating, so much so that we all wondered if she didn’t still have a few remnants of New Year’s Eve in her blood. It would almost make her likeable. Almost.

5. Jean Lasalle making the paquito

In the Southwest, what do you do when you’re drunk? A paquito, of course, and Jean Lasalle is no exception to the rule. He is not immune to the effects of alcohol either.

6. Jean Lasalle having a drink with Antoine de Caunes

After spending the day together, the two shared a small drink (or two), and it ended up showing in Lasalle’s delivery. A speech already not very folichonne in normal times, it must be admitted.

7. Jean Lassalle dancing in front of a marching band

The problem when we talk about videos of drunk candidates is that we quickly arrive at a compilation of videos by Jean Lassalle. There, he had simply decided to drop the jacket to put on a show by dancing in front of a marching band. You will notice the grace of these out of sync movements. No sober person is capable of replicating such a feat. At a glance, it takes at least 5 or 6 digeos to reach this level.

8. (bonus) Macron who “got drunk on pastis”

Unfortunately, we don’t have the video of this event, but the info comes from the President himself. In 2020, he told reporters from Paris Match that he had “got drunk on pastis” with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Frankly, we would have liked to be there. Already because we would like to see how Macron is when he dismantles his skull, but also because we like pastis.

We should replace the election with a drinking game: the last one standing has the right to govern us.

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