Top 7 things that are made in China and we didn’t think so

Attention, I have a scoop for you: the majority of what surrounds you was probably made in China! But naaaaaan? Too crazy! What is my surprise to learn such news! More seriously, the real surprise is not to learn that half of the planet is made in China (that, in fact, we knew that), but rather that these products also come straight from there!

1. Les Phryges des JO 2024

In mid-November 2022, the Olympic Games mascot for Paris 2024 was unveiled. And the least we can say… It’s not unanimous! In addition to its appearance, which places it directly in the group of the worst Summer Olympics mascots in history, its production method is even more talked about! Of the million stuffed animals ordered, only 20% of them will be made in France, by the Breton company “Doudou et Compagnie”. The remaining 80% will be produced… In China! Funny.

2. 70% button mushrooms

The “Champignon de Paris” is only “Paris” in name! 70% of production is concentrated in China. And you will tell me “aaaah that’s ok, we still have 30% left in France! », WOW NOOOOO! There are only five Ile-de-France producers left in the region. The rest is mainly produced in Eastern Europe, and particularly in Poland. They really take us for hams. Fortunately, Dijon mustard does come from Dij… WHAT? SHE NEITHER ? But what are all these foods that come from afar bearing the names of French cities? (Sources)

3. Socialist Party goodies

For its 2022 summer universities, organized in the Loir-et-Cher, the PS had red caps made, embroidered with a “Make the left great again”, directly inspired by the headdress of Trump, this chic guy . If already, the intention has made more than one cringe, the manufacturing detail has finished dividing. On the small label of the cap, the all too famous inscription “made in China”. For an object of support for a French political party, at a time when the climate issue is becoming increasingly important, it is undoubtedly a movement showing great finesse of spirit. When environmental responsibility guides your every step. It freaks me out.

4. Ballpoint pens

80% of ballpoint pens on the planet are assembled in China, from imported mines. This is not true for all brands! On the scale of the territory, “Bic” has its factories in France, and the “Mont Blanc” pens are made in Germany. AND ONCE AGAIN, we are taken for bruises! As if we were going to swallow that Mont-Blanc was in Germany, seriously!


5. Tomatoes

We are not saying that ALL tomatoes come from China, we are simply saying that on a global scale, China remains the largest producer of this fruit (of this vegetable? I leave you to fight in the comments.), for years ! For example, in 2020, the country produced 64,768.16 million kilos of tomatoes. In second position, India is at 20,573,000. More than three times less. That makes liters of ketchup! (Source)

6. …Globally, China is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world

According statesman, China produced more than 594 million metric tons of fruits and vegetables in 2021. Still in second position, India, from the top of its 141 million tonnes. Yum yum seasonal fruits that are too good for the planet, which have a heavier carbon footprint than that of Taylor Swift.

7. Sex toys

China is not only the Workshop of the world, it is also the Factory of the small pleasures of life, if you see what I mean (if you don’t see, it’s the title of the point, so make an effort! According to the Wikipedia page of thesex toy industry in Chinathe country produces 70% of the sex toys sold in the world (Paris Match gives the same percentage for 2017. To be qualified, given the evolution of the different markets over the years). Information that should please Denmark, the country that buys the most sex toys on the internet. The rascals!

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