Top 7 positives of Benzema’s injury, super good news

Since the start of the gathering of the Blues, it was feared that something deeper would affect the last golden ball Karim Benzema. And when he’s supposed to get better, whammy, a new injury that definitely rules him out of the World Cup. And all of a sudden, we remember that it’s November, that it’s raining, and that all the soccer players are depressed. And yet, there are plenty of positive things to take away from this package. Like these 7.

1. It’s Mbappé time

We had almost forgotten him behind the golden ball, he returns to the fore with the package of his friend in attack. It will therefore be her World Cup, the one that will end up bringing her even closer to Pelé.

Foot mosaique mbappe vitesse

2. It’s (finally) the end of the “wounded-not-wounded”

We couldn’t get enough of knowing how Karim was doing, what he had eaten for breakfast and if his gums were bleeding when he rubbed his teeth a little hard. At least now, we are fixed, we will be able to talk about football again.

3. Giroud will finally score a second goal in CDM

Since Olivier is too often considered a super-sub, he will finally have his chance as a starter for 4 years. And plant a few goals, which he had not done in 2018, the last dating back to 2014 against Switzerland.

4. There will be fewer racist comments on Twitter

When it will be Giroud who misses a penalty rather than Benzema, to whom a slew of badgers would have reminded his Algerian origins if he had shot above. This is often what happens when things go less well. Can’t wait for the end of Twitter too.

5. It will be even stronger to win the CDM without the Golden Ball

We almost already arrived with the best attack in the world, like in 2010, and we know the rest. We are often quite lame when we are favorites in France. There on December 18 in the final, after having beaten Brazil 4-0, seeing Neymar crying in the arms of Bolsonaro, we can say “and again, there was no Benzema…”

6. We will see Dembelé on the pitch

Dembouze, right-foot-left-foot, injured in 2018, will have his chance on the right wing and distribute the same caviars as at Barça. We salivate in advance.

7. Karim’s Children’s Month of December

Who will be able to enjoy dad quietly installed in front of the TV for an entire month. It’s better than video calls every night from Qatar to explain that it’s late and now you have to go brush your teeth and go to bed.

8. (bonus) The World Cup will be shorter

Without its best player, and the package of 5 other executives, France is hit in the first round. This is the end for us of this world cup of shame. Come on, so much the better, and Merry Christmas.

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